Sunday, November 23, 2008

Confessions of a Bad Mommy #1

1.  I let my son play with a plunger in order to have a relaxing, five minute shower in the morning.
(He only touches the handle....)
2.  I take an afternoon nap at least 3-4 times a week.
3.  More often than not I am secretly planning out what I am going to be doing the minute I leave Fia's room while we are doing bedtime prayers together.
4.  I let Nico eat food he finds under his highchair.  Well, "let" is a strong word......I sometimes will look the other way if it's close to dinner and he just needs a little something to tide himself over.
5.  I have held my child in one arm and bent over a bit to spit on the kitchen floor to clean it.  I will see a spot, spit, rub it around with my sock and voila! a clean floor.  (Except for the one time when I had just taken a drink of coffee - it ended up getting the floor brown).
6.  I love being a stay at home mom because I have so much control over my day.  If we want to play and stay in pjs all day - we can.  If we want to get going early and stop and have a donut and coffee at MaryAnn's down the street - we can.   Each day has different and exciting possibilities!

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