Sunday, November 30, 2008

Confessions of a Bad Mommy #2

1.  When I go to BK for my Coke Icee once a week I sometimes tell Fia that they are "out of" juice boxes because I only have enough money for my "mommy drink".
2.  I look through my husband's dresser to find money for my Coke Icees sometimes.
3.  I didn't buy anything for my son's first birthday.  (I sitll have time and might change my mind but really, he will get so much stuff.)
4.  I rarely cry anywhere except for the shower.  So when I hear something I find to be unbearably sad I immediately head to the shower - no one can hear me and I can cry and get it all out.  It is amazingly relaxing.
5.  I haven't dusted since........well, I can't even remember but I think it was June.
6.  When we were going to one of our friend's houses for a first birthday party my husband asked me what we got the little boy.  I said I am taking a salad and that was his present.  I hoped he liked croutons!  (The mom was totally ok with it - or so she said!)

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wisea said...

We have all been there:) We loved the pesto we got for our son's first birthday. More importantly was the letter that went along with it. Time was what you gave me and Natey that year! Happy Birthday Nico!