Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Doctor's Visit

I have been a bit lazy in getting posts done  but I have been so tired and pretty sick for the last week or so.  I went to the doctor's yesterday and if you haven't heard yet.....I am 8 weeks pregnant.  Everything seems to be going well and the doctor seemed pretty confident that things would be okay since I was feeling so sick.  The throwing up has started and the nausea is pretty much a constant.  Joe has been really helpful and doesn't even say anything about my two showers a day!  I only really feel good when laying on the floor of the shower with tons of hot water beating down on me.  Had my first experience of throwing up in a public restroom room again.........gotta love that nasty toilet water splashing back up in your face!  Ugh!  Oh well, only 4 more weeks hopefully and then it will be over!  I'll let you know how the next visit goes in 4 weeks!  Oh and if you have any good Italian boy's names......bring it on!  We got the girl name...Francesca Luisa.

Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ways I Have Been Lazy in the Past Week

1.  I put an entire carton of cracked eggs (almost, 8 cracked eggs) back in the fridge because the garbage was full and I didn't want to empty it.  

2.  I put a dirty dish back in the dishwasher rather than handwash it.............for the 8th time.

3.  I still haven't dusted.

4.  Instead of folding the kids clothes I just laid the same ones out for them to wear that they had worn a day or two ago.

5.  I put a diaper on the kid I was suppose to be potty training.  This was the day after I threw away her underwear that she pooped in rather than wash it out.  

6.  I crumbled up an entire pepperoni roll in order for it to fit in the sweeper rather than take it 5 steps over to the trash can.  (This one backfired on me - I had to unclog the sweeper next time I was sweeping and it turns out that indeed, my sweeper cannot handled even a crumbled up pepperoni roll.)

7.  I let my beautiful baby boy sit on the table of the booth to play playdough because I didn't really think he could hurt himself THAT bad if he fell and he was happy and I needed to finish making dinner.

8.  I took a two hour nap on Sunday and then slept for 9 hours that night...................ahhhhh, that one felt good.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I Love About One

I was just reflecting the other day about how far we have come since last December.  As you probably all know I am not a baby person.  I love my children and I love them from the moment they are born but as for truly enjoying them that happens later........about 6 months.  I don't do well without a schedule, sleep and breastfeeding, well, we won't go there right now!  So this is what I love about one year olds:

1.  No bottle!  YEAH!  Such freedom to not have to lug anything around or remember formula or any of that stuff and if you are breastfeeding you can reclaim your body!  YEAH!

2.  Flexibility - one nap, no more rushing home just in case they fall asleep in the car or any of that in the mornings.  You have a bit of wiggle room.

3.  The long nap - whether it is one hour long or 2 hours long - the afternoon nap is still longer now than it was when there were two.  In Fia's case it took a bit longer to get a really long one but at a year it was definitely looking better than before.

4.  Eat anything and everything - no restrictions!  Except for the peanut thing depending on which side of the debate you fall.

5.  Independence!  They walk, run, play, etc.  There are few limitations anymore at this age.  So nice for mommy and daddy's back!

6.  Sippy cups, finger foods, etc. all make for easy outings!

7.  Consistency and routine - gotta love it!  For Fia her schedule has been about the same since she hit the year mark.  We have made some adjustments but they have been more for me or the addition of Nico than for her.

8.  Understanding - go find mommy, time to brush your teeth, time to eat, etc.  All these commands are understood if not always followed!

9.  They are growing up!  Nico now plays with playdoh - Joe and I marvel at it.  He uses the rolling pin, tries to put it on plates, cuts it with a knife.  Such a little man - it is sooooo fun to watch!

Monday, January 5, 2009

Confessions of a Bad Mommy #6

1.  Some of the toys from Nico's b-day and Christmas went straight to the Salvation Army.

2.  One time, after a particularly heinous day, I was laying on the couch, face down and Joe asked me what I was doing.  I said I was picturing our life without kids.  (These comments tend to really throw Joe for a loop!)

3.  Today when I was cutting up things for dinner with a very sharp knife I actually started banging the knife against the counter because if I didn't use the counter I was afraid I would do bodily harm to my child.  I probably looked like a maniac.  Such a bad, bad mommy moment!  She kept interrupting during play by yourself time (after two weeks with daddy at home and little routine, it takes awhile to get back......for all of us!).  

4.  When I was doing my bi-yearly dusting for Nico's party I stopped halfway through the house.  Dusting pains me.  It really does, I felt I couldn't go on any further.

5.  I don't separate my laundry.  This drives Joe insane but he rarely mentions it because I haven't dyed anything and frankly, he doesn't have to do it.  As Amanda says the laundry fairy visits each day and really, who wants to question such good fortune!

The Bathroom

The bathroom............a work in progress.  It's pretty ugly, huh?  We have gone for function rather than beauty.  We "need" new towels, something to hang on the wall, new shower curtain, new toilet cover, we have no bath mat, etc.  I have been waiting for about two years for the green light from God on this.  Before when I have needed something or wanted a new pair of jeans, shoes, underwear, microwave, bedspread, etc. God has provided in some way.  A friend has given us a microwave, Melissa had a comforter that didn't match the new house, brand new shoes at Salvation Army for TWO BUCKS!  In some way God has provided.   So this year I had no plans for my Christmas money except for a weekend away with Joe which is covered by my grandparents and mother-in-law's Christmas gift.  I have been pretty excited about the rest of the cash (provided by Joe's dad), no one gives actual gifts except for my parents.   Yet today I was reading a book about the poverty around the world.  How little so many have, how I am rich by comparison.  I felt as if God was saying yeah, I know you want the bathroom to look nicer but what about all these people that don't have clean drinking water?  What about children who don't have the food to eat that yours do?   I just realized today (for the first time in two years!) that maybe it won't ever be time for new bathroom stuff or at least not the stuff that I want.  That doesn't mean that God isn't good, it doesn't mean that He doesn't provide, it just might mean that I don't really need it.  There is a greater need.  So no new bathroom stuff but some little kids get to eat and have clean drinking water.  It's kind of a bummer but lesson learned...............for now...........until the next desire comes along!

Sunday, January 4, 2009

In All I Do

A few weeks ago I was feeling frustrated with my day because it seemed like I wasn't "getting things done".  There was a to do list in my mind that wasn't  being addressed.  I was playing with the kids, getting them dressed, changing diapers, etc.  In the midst of this I had some praise and worship music playing because I like to have a little music playing or a podcast going on the computer when we are having a relaxed day.  All of a sudden God spoke to me through that music.  The song playing went "In all I do I honor you....................".  I had to smile and thank God because He of course was right.  In playing with my kids, in being with them, changing them, dressing them, watching them I was honoring Him - in all I do.  My to do list could wait.