Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Ways I Have Been Lazy in the Past Week

1.  I put an entire carton of cracked eggs (almost, 8 cracked eggs) back in the fridge because the garbage was full and I didn't want to empty it.  

2.  I put a dirty dish back in the dishwasher rather than handwash it.............for the 8th time.

3.  I still haven't dusted.

4.  Instead of folding the kids clothes I just laid the same ones out for them to wear that they had worn a day or two ago.

5.  I put a diaper on the kid I was suppose to be potty training.  This was the day after I threw away her underwear that she pooped in rather than wash it out.  

6.  I crumbled up an entire pepperoni roll in order for it to fit in the sweeper rather than take it 5 steps over to the trash can.  (This one backfired on me - I had to unclog the sweeper next time I was sweeping and it turns out that indeed, my sweeper cannot handled even a crumbled up pepperoni roll.)

7.  I let my beautiful baby boy sit on the table of the booth to play playdough because I didn't really think he could hurt himself THAT bad if he fell and he was happy and I needed to finish making dinner.

8.  I took a two hour nap on Sunday and then slept for 9 hours that night...................ahhhhh, that one felt good.

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