Wednesday, January 7, 2009

What I Love About One

I was just reflecting the other day about how far we have come since last December.  As you probably all know I am not a baby person.  I love my children and I love them from the moment they are born but as for truly enjoying them that happens later........about 6 months.  I don't do well without a schedule, sleep and breastfeeding, well, we won't go there right now!  So this is what I love about one year olds:

1.  No bottle!  YEAH!  Such freedom to not have to lug anything around or remember formula or any of that stuff and if you are breastfeeding you can reclaim your body!  YEAH!

2.  Flexibility - one nap, no more rushing home just in case they fall asleep in the car or any of that in the mornings.  You have a bit of wiggle room.

3.  The long nap - whether it is one hour long or 2 hours long - the afternoon nap is still longer now than it was when there were two.  In Fia's case it took a bit longer to get a really long one but at a year it was definitely looking better than before.

4.  Eat anything and everything - no restrictions!  Except for the peanut thing depending on which side of the debate you fall.

5.  Independence!  They walk, run, play, etc.  There are few limitations anymore at this age.  So nice for mommy and daddy's back!

6.  Sippy cups, finger foods, etc. all make for easy outings!

7.  Consistency and routine - gotta love it!  For Fia her schedule has been about the same since she hit the year mark.  We have made some adjustments but they have been more for me or the addition of Nico than for her.

8.  Understanding - go find mommy, time to brush your teeth, time to eat, etc.  All these commands are understood if not always followed!

9.  They are growing up!  Nico now plays with playdoh - Joe and I marvel at it.  He uses the rolling pin, tries to put it on plates, cuts it with a knife.  Such a little man - it is sooooo fun to watch!

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