Sunday, September 9, 2012

Your Prince Has Come.....

Just as God gave us beauty, so He gave us a Prince..........................

Just as we rebel against celebrating beauty because of what the world has done to the meaning and concept of beauty, we rebel against the Prince...............

We watch fairy tales and cringe as the prince comes to the rescue of his lady love, we teach our daughters that they don't need a man to take care of them, that they are strong and independent and it's fine if they find love but never give up all of yourself for love.............right?

To a point.

But, again, we are bowing to this world and it's definition of the prince and the fairy tale.


And I know I am helpless without Him and I want to give up all of me for Him.........for He gave up all of Him for me.

We take a God-given desire and twist it and bend it and distort it until it looks more like a disney fairy tale than the real life story of who God is and the story He wrote for us.  Of course we run after the dream, the fairy tale of the prince because it is in our nature to............we long for our Prince.


And I will teach my daughters of that Prince and I will teach them that He longs for them and loves them and has given ALL FOR THEM.  I will teach them that He will seek them all the days of their lives and He will be their strength and their comfort and their rock.  I will teach them that they are, indeed, helpless without Him, they can rest in His strong arms.  And we will watch Snow White and we will watch Cinderella but we will talk of the true Prince that would ride through any forest, would slay any dragon, would search endlessly for His princess.  


And today as I cry tears of sorrow and joy and loss and happiness, I will know that Adalyn Joy is with her Prince.  And because Her prince has come she lives on.........she is home.  The Prince has already carried her off to the castle.  Her dream has come true.  Her happily ever after IS NOW.


Happy Birthday, my sweet princess.

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