Monday, September 3, 2012

Parental Fail #314

Fia lost her fourth tooth just the other day..........BIG news.  HUGE.  At school Mrs. Frantum has a chart where you get to put a tooth sticker AND apparently if you lose your tooth at school you get a special necklace with a box where you put your tooth.  (When I was a teacher, a first grade teacher, I had a chart like that, too.  I started out each year strong with my charts and calendar and all that but then slowly as the year went on I couldn't stand the clutter and how tedious it was to do calendar and I totally ditched it..............this perhaps was a foreshadowing of my parenting skills and why Mrs. Frantum is Fia's teacher and I am her mom that tries to just get her to school each day.  Thank you Mrs. Frantum for being better than I ever was - I actually observed her when I was a teacher :)  Anyway.....

Fia.  The lost tooth.  Parental failure.

With Fia's third lost tooth, which was just a few days ago, we COMPLETELY forgot to put money under her pillow.  She came out and didn't say anything, just went about her morning and when I said something about her tooth she finally confessed that the tooth fairy hadn't left any money.


Was totally relying on Joe to have done that.

I asked are you sure?  She replied that she looked all around, under all the pillows and blankets and sheet and animals.  Nothing.  She didn't complain or cry, just had a puzzled little look on her face.  I felt awful.  So while she was reading and eating breakfast I went and dug around in Joe's change jar and pulled out 6 quarters and stuffed them under her pillow.  Then ran back and mentioned she might look again, she might have missed something.

Oh, she was so excited!  She just missed where the tooth fairy put the money, I think there was a bit of relief too.  I vowed never to do that again.................that parental fail #313, never would I forget to put the money under the pillow AGAIN!

Fast forward two days.

Another lost tooth.

Another day of finding a tooth instead of money.


We had to tell her that the tooth fairy was confused by three little kids on the floor and not finding Fia in her bed.  Other parents use their creativity in writing cute notes from the tooth fairy or what they put the teeth in or scrapbooking with the teeth.............we save our creativity to explain our failures as the tooth fairy................(Oh and we were babysitting a friend's baby and that's why all the kids were sleeping in the girl's room so the baby could be in Nico's room.)  We would try leaving a note tonight since they were going to be having a sleepover in the basement.  The tooth fairy would BE SURE to leave some money then.

Thank goodness THE TOOTH FAIRY remembered.

She doesn't seem to be the brightest fairy on the block..................but it seems the guilt is good for the girl without teeth because the amount goes up with each parental fail :)

Hopefully THE TOOTH FAIRY gets it right next time............we can't afford that much more guilt :)


amy w said...

Once the fairy at our house left a token from who knows where! (dang thing looke like a quarter in the dark)! Turned out to be the BEST good luck charm EVER said one totally cute little gal! We all do it :)

Suzi said...

You seriously crack me up! So glad the tooth fairy came through. We have all been there --and I can't even imagine when there are 2 losing teeth at the same time! Love you, Mandy!

Rachel Lipford said...

Sorry the stress of a baby crying for hours made the tooth fairy duties completely leave your mind...Wow, though, she's losing teeth already? It must be right around the corner for us!