Wednesday, September 26, 2012

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We interrupt this blogger's break with an urgent report.  There has been another incident reported involving the harried, out of control mother from last year.  You may remember her - if not please read the report involving her stopped van in the parking lot of Fulton Drugs and the report from her driveway.  This sighting took place at the Meyer's Lake Ymca.  The following is what was reported from one of SEVERAL witnesses.

It was approximately 5:35pm, five minutes after the Little Pikes class had started.  A lifeguard came out to the hallway adjacent to the pool where there are three large windows where parents may watch their children swimming.  She looked around and asked for Francesca's mother.  Francesca's mother was sitting, hiding really, reading a lengthy chapter book.  She was NOT one of the parent's watching her children, in fact it seemed she was almost disinterested in what was happening in the pool area so engrossed was she in her book.  After her child's name was said aloud it seemed as if she debated whether or not to answer the call........then thought better and said that yes, she was Francesca's mom.  It seemed she was thinking, "Yes, I am Francesca's mom and yes, I am sitting for the first time all day and yes, this is the first swim class that I am attending alone and yes, I have just read one page of this MOST interesting book that I have been looking forward to reading ALL DAY but YES, I am Francesca's mom."

Francesca needs to go to the bathroom.

Of course, she does thinks Francesca's mom.

She was then witnessed walking, stomping really, into the girl's locker room with a smile pasted on her strained face.  While in the bathroom, Francesca, poor thing with such an unsympathetic mother, was heard whimpering and crying about not going back into the cold pool.  Her mother escorted her back into the pool.  It was said that she was muttering that Francesca WAS going back into the pool and it WAS NOT cold, in fact it was HOT in there and she was going back in.

And here is where things went downhill quickly..............

Once she was back in the pool area all those witnesses knew she was toast.  Her child had gotten her back into pool, no way was she leaving now.  Francesca clung to the side of the pool crying while her mother sat on the bleachers.  It was only a matter of time after that.......

Then the mother sat on the side of the pool...............

Then her feet went in..................

Then she helped her daughter out of the pool and sat her on the side................

All this time, all the witnesses watching from the window saw her daughter's crying and whining her mother's face got more and more strained from putting on a happy show (otherwise known as trying NOT to scream at her child and strangle her in front of real, live witnesses) for all the parents, teachers and students.

Finally, the mother pulled her child out of the class as she became inconsolable at the suggestion that the class was about to all jump into the pool, into their teacher's arms (or as the mother put it, when defending herself, INTO BURNING, HOT LAVA or so it seemed by the utter horror expressed by her daughter),  This is also when we learned that this mother had a SECOND child in this swim class........for as she was carrying her screaming, crying child from the pool her son began to cower behind her, refusing to jump into the pool.  All eyes were now on her.

What would she do next?

There were two crying children and 20 witnesses and she was already looking a bit strained.

Breathes were being held.

One man reported seeing her crouch down and he overheard her hissing/whispering something along the lines of "YOU WILL STAY HERE AND JUMP INTO THAT POOL OR THIS WILL BE YOUR LAST SWIM CLASS EVER.  I AM LEAVING AND TAKING YOUR SISTER AND YOU ARE STAYING HERE UNTIL I COME BACK AND GET YOU.  NOW GET IN THAT POOL."

He stayed.  Crying.  By the side of the pool.

The next time the mother was seen again was outside the three large windows among the other parents/witnesses.  She was sitting on the floor, NOT looking in the pool area, seemingly oblivious to, or not caring to see, her son swimming.   He, on the other hand, was happy as a lark swimming back and forth in the pool reported several parents who were concerned about his overall safety and well-being after being hissed at in such a manner as his mother did hiss.  Her other child, also, was quite content and happy sitting in her mom's lap on the floor.  This Francesca appeared to be doing quite well, happily chatting away and singing to herself.  At one point she might have tried talking to her mother, who was determinedly reading her book, but I believe her mother said quite firmly "do NOT talk to me right now."

All three family members were last seen departing the building at 6:40, at which point the mother was overheard saying we are going right to bed when we get home, it is very late.

And they did.

Almost beating the Lantz family's going to bed record of 6:55.  It was actually 7:00 when both children's lights were reported as being dimmed.

We have contacted the Meyer's Lake Y and instructed them to report any further incidents involving these children and their mother.  We feel it is our duty to protect the lives of innocent youngsters.  Upon hearing this, the mother asked who exactly was going to protect her sanity.

We hope she was being sarcastic.  Thank you for your time.  Please, you, too, be on the lookout for this crazy woman.

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