Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Doctor's Visit

I have been a bit lazy in getting posts done  but I have been so tired and pretty sick for the last week or so.  I went to the doctor's yesterday and if you haven't heard yet.....I am 8 weeks pregnant.  Everything seems to be going well and the doctor seemed pretty confident that things would be okay since I was feeling so sick.  The throwing up has started and the nausea is pretty much a constant.  Joe has been really helpful and doesn't even say anything about my two showers a day!  I only really feel good when laying on the floor of the shower with tons of hot water beating down on me.  Had my first experience of throwing up in a public restroom room again.........gotta love that nasty toilet water splashing back up in your face!  Ugh!  Oh well, only 4 more weeks hopefully and then it will be over!  I'll let you know how the next visit goes in 4 weeks!  Oh and if you have any good Italian boy's names......bring it on!  We got the girl name...Francesca Luisa.

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