Monday, January 5, 2009

The Bathroom

The bathroom............a work in progress.  It's pretty ugly, huh?  We have gone for function rather than beauty.  We "need" new towels, something to hang on the wall, new shower curtain, new toilet cover, we have no bath mat, etc.  I have been waiting for about two years for the green light from God on this.  Before when I have needed something or wanted a new pair of jeans, shoes, underwear, microwave, bedspread, etc. God has provided in some way.  A friend has given us a microwave, Melissa had a comforter that didn't match the new house, brand new shoes at Salvation Army for TWO BUCKS!  In some way God has provided.   So this year I had no plans for my Christmas money except for a weekend away with Joe which is covered by my grandparents and mother-in-law's Christmas gift.  I have been pretty excited about the rest of the cash (provided by Joe's dad), no one gives actual gifts except for my parents.   Yet today I was reading a book about the poverty around the world.  How little so many have, how I am rich by comparison.  I felt as if God was saying yeah, I know you want the bathroom to look nicer but what about all these people that don't have clean drinking water?  What about children who don't have the food to eat that yours do?   I just realized today (for the first time in two years!) that maybe it won't ever be time for new bathroom stuff or at least not the stuff that I want.  That doesn't mean that God isn't good, it doesn't mean that He doesn't provide, it just might mean that I don't really need it.  There is a greater need.  So no new bathroom stuff but some little kids get to eat and have clean drinking water.  It's kind of a bummer but lesson learned...............for now...........until the next desire comes along!

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