Monday, August 20, 2012

Our Ever Changing World.....

Oh my, I am a little worried that no one will ever read my words here again..................and I am a little worried that I care whether or not anyone will read my words.  Does it matter if anyone does or it is the process that matters?  This process of getting my thoughts, my prayers, my breath out on page, on this cold computer screen that warms when filled with the pulsing nature of my innermost thoughts.....

I deactivated my Facebook account.  Where I post when I update my blog.  Where I find my time being lost on people I don't actually know in person.  Where I message friends and those that I knew long ago.

It's not a bad thing - Facebook.  I understand it's ease and it's escapism and it's usefulness.  But I find myself getting caught up in self.  I get caught up in who comments, who messages, who updates and I wonder why?

Why do I care?

Why do I get so wrapped up in this and that and not what really matters?

My life is full - there is a husband to care for and love, kids to feed and play with, food to be processed and made, laundry to be done, a lawn to mow, relationships to nurture - a life filled with so much joy and blessing which overflow...........and yet............

I found myself escaping - to the bathroom, to the bedroom, to take just a moment, a second - really - to check with facebook.


What is this?

For me - nothing more than a distraction.  A distraction that was taking me from the things that needed, warranted, deserved my attention.  The last thing I needed was another pull on me - a pull away from what mattered.

What if for every moment I spent on facebook I spent in prayer?

What if for every moment I spent on facebook I spent telling my husband how much I loved him or showed him how much I love him - with a kiss, a word, a sacrifice?

What if for every moment I spent on facebook I spent looking at my child, while they talked, while I listened and told them with my actions that they mattered?

What if for every moment I spent on facebook I spent talking with a friend who needed me, who needed an ear, who needed human contact and not computer contact?

Isn't that what we are all desperate for?



Someone who cares.  Someone who goes beyond a comment, a message, a "like".  Someone who shows up and loves.  Even when it is not easy.

It's hard.  This deciding.  This deciding who is in and who is out.  Who needs you, who warrants your time.  For you cannot serve everyone, you cannot be everything to everyone.  If you spread yourself too thin than you are not available to anyone.  So it is in the deciding...................

What are your priorities?

Where do you spend your time?

Who is God calling you to serve?

Make a list.

Where is your time spent.

Where do you want it to be spent?

Who is God calling you to love?

Thank you to those who spend their time here........on my words.  It matters to me :)


Suzi said...

I won't stop reading -- you are bookmarked on my toolbar and I love your posts. I read because you inspire and challenge me, but mostly because you make me feel make me feel okay for not being perfect and I need that. I need an honest woman in my life and you, my dear, are that gift. Good job getting rid of your FB account!

Anonymous said...

Well, I thought you had finished writing, b/c I care what you say and connect so well and... you haven't been updating.......... ;) deleting your fboo is one of the most freeing things ever! I didn't have one for months (but felt the need to connect to you and got one ;)...) hahaha

i love you. i love your heart. your words. your intentionality. for once I don't feel like i'm working so hard. Thank you for being a place to give and take. My heart has been needing a safe place for a while......