Thursday, June 30, 2011

The Mishap of a One Bathroom Home

Every morning Nico gets up, stumbles bleary-eyed to the bathroom. You hear the faucet being turned on and know that he is washing his eyes out, then he towels them dry and tries to find his way to his momma's arms. About 15 minutes later he will return to the bathroom for his long morning pee.

Well this morning Joe was in the bathroom. Nico starts banging on the door, Joe asks who is it? NICOLO MATTEO CODISPOTI - I NEED TO PEE! Just a minute buddy is the response. So Nico says I got a great idea, I can go outside. I said sure buddy, go ahead. He makes his way out to the pee tree and goes as I watch from the window.

Then I see it.........the look. Joe is out by now and is looking out another window. I yell out the window.....buddy, buddy do you have to poop? A frantic nod. Joe meanwhile is yelling don't poop, if you poop you can't go pee outside anymore, no more peeing outside. I am laughing hysterically because how can you say such a thing? Really? We are outside in the middle of a park or at a place with no bathrooms - can you really follow through on that? Frantically Nico is trying to decided what to do - a panicked look on his face suggests that he can no longer control what it is his body is doing. Joe has stopped threatening and is simply completely grossed out at this point while I can't control my laughing but thankfully my bladder is fully under control.

Then it happens..........our pee tree has now become the poop tree.

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