Sunday, June 26, 2011

I am BOY see me pee

So for quite awhile Nico was all about the girl stuff.........painting nails, dressing up, etc. Fia did these things and as far as he knows she quite possibly is the coolest person in his little world (or so she has led him to believe). But this all changed the day the Fether boys were over. You see the Fether boys live in a completely different world - MAN WORLD. There are four Fether boys and one big Fether man. They carry this MAN WORLD with them and one day it came to our backyard in the form of Brady sliding down our twisty slide, getting off at the bottom and peeing right on the jungle gym. Fia knew enough to look away, giggle and look at me as if saying can you believe this kid? But Nico filed this information away and decided to use it for another day. That day came later that week when the pee tree was established. For that day Nico discovered the one of the truly COOL things about being a boy - you have a penis and you can use it wherever you go. Have to pee? Great - here's a tree. Oh and did I tell you you can AIM IT? You can actually pee on rocks, shoot can even pee on tires to wash off the dirt. AMAZING!!!!!!!!! We have had to curb his excitement and insist that he only use the outdoors when he MUST or he actually is outside. For awhile he would get up in the morning and want to go pee outside. It was amusing at first and then I thought.....hmmmm, this might not be a good idea. But for now the penis wins out over nail polish, dressing up and all things girlie. It was almost too much for him when he discovered the "stand up" toilets in the men's bathroom.........he now loves the urinals and doesn't want to go in the girl's bathroom anymore. And so the fascination little boy is growing up...................(oh and by the way, he thinks his penis is TOO BIG - hahaha!)

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