Thursday, March 5, 2009

The Sick Thoughts of a Pregnant Woman

This past week has been WONDERFUL!!!!!!!!!  I don't even feel pregnant except when I look down and see elastic where I use to wear a belt.  Last night was the only time I have been sick all week.  I was sitting with the kids and had to excuse myself.  I very calmly went to the bathroom and positioned myself standing up, with my legs crossed severely so as not to pee my pants (I had on freshly laundered long underwear and my most comfortable pj bottoms) and proceeded to vomit.  Now as I am vomiting I am looking in the toilet wondering what on earth is that?  What did we have for dinner?  I can't even remember and I start to inspect what's in the toilet as I am hurling.   Oh, that's right...cantaloupe, salad, what else?.......oh there it is...french bread...can't wait to try that new recipe tomorrow morning......and what was the main course................yes, yes, there it is Minnesota beans.  It was like having an out of body experience, as if I wasn't really there.  I am truly hoping this is the last time I will ever throw up due to a baby in my womb!

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