Monday, May 6, 2013

A Woman of Valor

This is a term tossed about these days - Woman of Valor - a term describing, proclaiming the wonders of women.  It is a cry of triumph, it is a blessing, it is a moment of boldness, it is a term of praise.

It is a rallying cry for women everywhere to encourage one another in their lives - whether their lives consist of serving the poor, serving their family, serving meals to strangers, serving their country - everywhere, serving God in the place where they have found themselves.

And tonight I shine the light on a woman of valor in my life.

She is one who shuns the spotlight.

She is one who would be the first to put her head down, to look away, to block the spotlight from shining on her.

But she is not here, sitting at my computer desk and so I have complete freedom to bring her into the light.

Her name is Rachel Lipford.

She is a wife.

She is a mother.

She is a leader.

She is a cookie baker.

She is a writer.

She is an encourager.

She is an avid consumer of candy.

She is beautiful.

She is humble.

She is teachable.

She is gentle.

She is a protector.

She is my friend.

She is my teacher.

She is a woman of valor.

But, above all, she is a woman of God.

And it is this that makes her life truly amazing because when you know her, when you walk beside her you know that her life is one that comes from God.  It is a life guided by God, it is a life committed to God.  It is with her life that she speaks volumes about who God is and causes others to look to Him.

Rachel Lipford

Woman of Valor

Woman of God

Who is a woman of valor in YOUR life?

Tell her today.

1 comment:

Rachel Lipford said...

You...This is what I get for talking about how amazing you are! This is so sweet Mandy, you have made me cry and laugh at the same time :)