Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Don't You Wish I Was YOUR Mom........

A peaceful dinner outside........5:30pm, an hour and a half before I have to leave for the night for milk pickup and huddle..............

Sofia:  Mom, tomorrow they are announcing June birthdays.......can you make a treat for the class tomorrow for my birthday?

Mom: Ummm, it's a little late for that.

Sofia:  You KNEW about this mom.  You KNEW I would need a treat.

Mom:  When did you tell me?

Sofia:  REMEMBER?  At the beginning of the year?  I said that June birthdays would be now?

Mom:  So you told me eight months ago.............

Sofia: YES.

Mom:  Well, honey, it's a little late now.  Does it count that I just came in last week and made dirt pudding with the whole class and took them all out for extra recess?

Sofia: No.

Mom:  Well, how about the popsicles we just bought and took in when it was really hot?

Sofia: No.

Mom:  What about the snack we sent in when we did your "GO!" card?

Sofia:  No.

Mom:  Ok.  Ummmm, so are there other kids with June birthdays?  Maybe they will have a snack for your class.

Sofia: I am the ONLY ONE.

Mom.  Ok.  Ummm.........oh I have a GREAT idea.  So there are other kids celebrating June birthdays, right?  And they have to go to the front during morning meeting, right?  Well, when a kindergartener goes up and leaves their snack at their place, you just run over and grab their treat and skeedaddle back to your place.  No one will even notice.  Kindergarteners are always confused, just tell them that their birthday is really in September and they got it wrong.  Then you will have a treat for your class.  PERFECT PLAN.

Sofia (rolling her eyes in quite an exaggerated manner):  MOM.  NO.  THAT is not a great plan.

Nico (eyes HUGE, laughing hysterically):  That is a GREAT plan.

Mom:  Well, then, I guess no snack tomorrow.

Sofia:  Well, you better remember NEXT year.

Mom:  How about next year you remind me earlier than the night before and a little bit later than eight months before?  I still like my plan, though.

Sofia (EYES ROLL): Mom....................


Sarah said...

this is where i just go buy some cookies, and we eat spaghetti for a week to compensate the grocery budget change.

mandyc said...

HA! I get that. It was more the principle of it, plus I had just bought treats on three separate occasions for her class in the last month because of her wanting to be kind/generous/etc. But, yeah.....a grocery store run wouldn't have been a bad thing :)

Sarah said...

I totally get it. Ian's teacher sent a note home 2 weeks ago saying they were celebrating summer birthdays this last week. I didn't know before then, and it totally messed up my plans! I was just ruminating on our experience. =)