Thursday, December 19, 2013

With You

So………it's been awhile.

Maybe you thought I forgot?

I didn't.

I never do.

But maybe I take for granted the person I love most.

You came into my life quite unexpectedly.

I had been searching for what seems to be my whole life for YOU.

I had almost given up hope and I thought I was fine on my own…….or at least I pretended to be because everyone says once you stop looking they will come to you.

And so I stopped.

And you appeared.

In your dopey smily face tie and matching suspenders, looking all out of place and rather noticeable in the all-female world of my elementary school.

I was first grade.  You were tutor.

Remember the crush you had on the guidance counselor?

Thank goodness she took a pass and I stepped in.

That seems so long ago and yet…………

Here we are.

Three kids.

Ten years.

And many more to go.

You are my first love, my first real love.

And my last.

You are everything I had hoped for and so much more.

I have watched you grow into the man you are - a preacher man, a teacher man, a man others look up to, a father that others watch, a man who lives each day for his family.

You speak truth, you live truth.

I know that you think you are no big deal and that is part of what makes you great…..the fact that you point others to Him and not to you.

You are my rock.

You are my safe place.

You are the one I want always to come home to.

Thank you for living this life with me.

We are on an adventure, no?

I can't say this is where I thought we would be but no other place I would rather be.

You and me.

Me and you.

Another ten?

Another twenty?

I am a greedy woman.

I want at least fifty more and well, you know me.  Eternity?


That's what I want.

With you.

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Heather said...

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