Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Are You With Me?

For me?

The Church?

It's not a place of rules.

It's not a place for the good.

It's not a place for the perfect.

It's not a place for the whole and already arrived.

It's not a place of exclusion.

It's not a place that tells me what I can't do.

In fact.......it's not even a PLACE.

Rather it's a PEOPLE.

It's a people that BELIEVE.

Believe that God is bigger and stronger than the things that crush us and tell us we CAN'T.

Believe that truth can exist and live in harmony with love.

Believe that perfection is only for God.

Believe that brokenness is the pathway to Jesus.


We can love the unloved.

We can heal the sick.

We can help the poor.

We can pray the prayers of a mighty God.

We can sing out in worship and adoration, foolishly and powerfully.

We can raise up a generation that equates the Church with love and mercy and justice and truth.

We can be the light of the world, a people that seek to shine LIGHT in every corner of their life.

We can.

Because for me?

The Church?

It's not a place.

It's a people and it's filled with people that I BELIEVE in.

The Church is a people and THEY CAN.

Are you with me?

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