Monday, February 16, 2009

The musings (ie whining) of a pregnant woman

There will be a lot of information shared here and if you are one that gets queasy stop ready now. Last Tuesday (a few days after my miracle drug had been prescribed and found NOT to be quite the wonder drug I was hoping for) I was engaged in a battle - a battle to rid my body of excess waste.  I have never been a "regular" person anyway but add a ton more iron to my daily diet and well, it's not pretty.  As I shared with a friend I pushed longer to have a bm than I did with the birth of either of my children.  And that is where the whole ugly story begins...............

Thankfully it went down when I flushed about 15 minutes later but I didn't stick around to see exactly what the water level was like.  I figured Joe could deal with it later if there was a problem, I was feeling pretty sick.  So that night Joe and FIa were gone and I was hanging with Nico.  I put him to bed early and went to bed myself, I was done.  That night about 2AM I get up dry heaving in bed, I run to the bathroom and there are wet, slightly dirty towels all over the floor.  I run to the toilet and quickly realize that I will not be throwing up in there!  I dry heave a bit longer into the sink, just in case.  After I get back in bed I ask Joe (very innocently) what on earth happened in the bathroom?  Apparently.....the toilet overflowed....hmmmmm.  He worked on it for over an hour and couldn't get it unclogged.  

The next morning we get out of bed and I have on a nightgown and a sweatshirt thrown over top....sans underwear.  I hate wearing clothing when I go to bed so I just throw on whatever is next to the bed in the morning.  I am sitting with Nico on the couch and feel sick again.  I run to the kitchen and start to dry heave in the sink (again I think maybe something will come up), but no something comes out.............I begin to pee all over the kitchen floor.  Keep in mind, no underwear and this is the first pee since 7:00 last night.  Yeah, I thought I was going to have to build an ark to get out of the kitchen.  

Luckily, my dad is at home because I was so sick, the bathroom was a mess with the toilet still clogged and Joe had to go to school.  Dad took the kids for the day, I unclogged the toilet with a WONDERFUL product at the Busy Beaver (CLR thingy with this power plunger thing, it whooshed and unclogged the thing in 2 seconds) and got some much needed rest.  

I am at 12 weeks tomorrow..........I am hoping that will be the magical day and this will be the end.  Be thinking of me.......I think that it will be a good day tomorrow!

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