Thursday, February 5, 2009

Confessions of a Bad Mommy #8

1.  I read two entire books yesterday............yes, I was sick but still.......two books.  It almost made being sick worth it.

2.  I dusted TWO rooms last week.  Yes, that does mean that there are still three rooms that haven't been dusted since's a work in progress.

3.  I thank the good Lord that we have a house that's what? 1100 sq. ft. or something like that (I could be off by a few hundred feet) because I cannot possibly think about cleaning a bigger house.  I would rather stuff my kids in bunkbeds stacked to the ceiling than have to worry about another room.  Oh, and another bathroom?  No thank you.

4. I change my sheets way too infrequently to even tell you exactly. It's embarrassing, even for me, so you know how bad it is.  
I am trying to be better about it. Seriously, I am.

5. I let my kids watch an hour of TV in the mornings now. I justify this because I feel so crappy, we can't go outside
to play and I only let them watch 10-15 minutes before nap. It still makes me feel like a horrible mom, though, 
on an almost daily basis. I keep telling myself that as soon as I can get my act together I will cut it back down to 30 minutes
but right now I look forward to that hour when I can take a shower and lay like a lump on the couch
feeling sorry for my nauseous self.

6. Every morning when I get up I think about the two whole days and nights that Joe and I will be spending
in a cabin the 14th-16th and I think I can get through the day because for two whole mornings I will
be able to sleep past 6 if I want.

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