Sunday, July 3, 2011

The Post of Many Pictures

Dare I say, as adults, that we complicate things? That we tend to muck up the works by thinking that we need to entertain, socialize, teach or occupy our children each moment of the day. One of the joys of having small children is the simplicity of the joy that is found in being with them. There is so much delight to be found in the extraordinary yet ordinary things of this world.

There are amusement parks, stores full of the latest and greatest in kid's stuff, whole buildings devoted to the entertainment of children through bouncy things and what not but in the end the things that stir my children the most are found in the simplicity of the world around them or through the process of creating something. And why not take this time - when they are young and carefree - to be young again yourself?

Go.....go........jump in puddles, dig in the dirt, fingerpaint, go on bunny hunts, play games and cards all day in your pjs.........just don't waste this time when they are young being old and stodgy.

Abandon all thoughts of keeping clothes clean, of ever catching up on your to do list, abandon what's not important and become a kid again, enjoying the simplicity of this beautiful world. Why wait 2 hours in line for one roller coaster when right out your back door is a world of adventure?

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