Monday, July 4, 2011

Not Every Moment is a Glorious One

Otherwise known as Confessions of a Bad Mommy...........

1. The other day I actually held the phone to my ear and pretended to be talking to my grandfather while lying in bed in the middle of the afternoon. I just needed a tiny break and felt that was the only way everyone would leave me alone.

2. I have turned away from my child and done the whole silent scream/stranglehold motion thing to keep from having my own emotional breakdown.

3. The only way laundry has gotten done this past month is when Nico runs out of underwear or shorts.

4. Francesca has pooped in two different yards this summer.

5. My kids get a dumdum sucker every time we leave grandma and grandpa's house (they keep a bowl there for them) because it is just easier that way - bribes work.

6. I have come to accept that fact that I may never dust this whole house (do you like how I make it sound as if we have the MASSIVE place to dust - it's about 4 rooms that really ever need it, 4 small rooms) at one time again until everyone is in school. (I would like to pretend it's because I am SO busy but it's really because I just cannot find it in me to care about the dust on the mantle.)

7. A few weeks ago Joe had been working at the farm all morning and then working in our garden for most of the afternoon and evening. He comes in about 7:00 and says what do you need, can I do anything. I say oh I am getting what I need (not one of my finer moments....). I walk out the door, do not say goodbye to anyone in the house and leave the house - just one of those days. I ran an errand, then went to my parents house, took a bath and read a book on their porch until I was certain that the kids would be tucked in. To his credit when I came home he didn't say a word just asked how everything was......that's what 7 years of marriage and 3 kids can do for you!

8. Nico is probably naked more often than he should be - the other day he asked me if I wanted to play nudo soccer. I told him that wasn't really going to happen, nor should it EVER happen.

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