Sunday, May 27, 2012


This has been a good year.  A year filled with new friends, a great teacher, our girl discovering she loves music, loves the stage and actually, yes, she does love gym.  It has been a year filled with great blessing.

It has also been a year filled with GERMS, people.

Oh my what the first year of school will do to a family that has had no previous daycare or preschool experience.  

It has been rough.

Before this the kids were never really sick, not that frequently, at least.  Maybe once or twice a winter we would see a day or two of sickness of out of each of them.  Nico had a runny nose quite a bit the winter he turned two.  Francesca had some issues with throwing up when she started with milk - it was pretty much daily until we made a change in her diet.  But overall we got out and about, we were a normal, pretty much healthy family.

Until this year.

This year we have had sore throats, strep throat, random vomiting, migraines for mama (which I realize I can't blame on the school, I will own those), colds and so on and so forth.  I am embarrassed to admit that Fia's absences number well into the double digits.  I think in May alone she missed a total of 6 days.

But, my oh my they saved the best for last.............

Fia had it on and off for 5 days, missed 3 days of school.  She came home and said a friend had thrown up at school.  She said Mrs. B told the class there was a stomach bug going around.  Well, my friends, that bug landed here.

Joe got it first.  Missed 3 days of school.

Then I got it.

Still have it.

Have lost 7 pounds in 3 days. (And, yes, I realize this is just water and what not, that I will be back to my original weight soon enough but it is SHOCKING to get on the scale and see the numbers keep dropping. I would be happier about it if I could stay upright for longer than 5 minutes.)

Yeah, it's not pretty.

Well, I am still pretty but CANNOT believe that I am still laid up.  This morning Joe came into the living room and was in quite a bit of pain (I was lounging on the couch because any time that I would stand up I would become nauseous and I needed to conserve my strength for the times I had to RUN AS FAST AS I COULD to the bathroom).  He said he might have a kidney stone.  You're kidding, right?  WHAT ON EARTH.  I said let me get a shower and I will drive you to the doctor.  I got in the shower, raised my arms to shampoo my hair and that's about as far as I got.  I got out, said yeah, totally can't do this.  That took about all the energy I have right now.  You have to call Steve.  He said the pain was subsiding and that he was just going to relax.  Poor man.

He thinks he passed a stone this afternoon and feels much better.  Praise the lord.  We have pretty much exhausted our childcare resources in the past few days.

So as we enjoy this lovely Memorial Day weekend by passing our children off to as many people as possible and watching old movies in the living room while sucking down water like there is no tomorrow I can't help but think PRAISE THE LORD school is almost over.  Three more days and hopefully our immune system is all the better for having sent Fia to school this year.  It's been a FABULOUS year but I don't think we could take another one like it.

Of course the younger two seem to have escaped the worst of it and recover the most quickly.

I guess there is something to be said for licking grocery carts (Nico.......) and eating dirt (FRANCESCA!!!........."I just pretending, mom", she says as dirt is surrounding her mouth and she is spitting it out).

If we have another year like this year you might see me at Marcs subtly taking a taste of metal or sneaking a bit of soil into our meals...............................


Kind of.

I am still a bit woozy.  I'm not really sure what I am saying..........................

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