Friday, July 6, 2012

My Men

It's interesting to see your little man become a big man.  So many emotions course through a mother's body, a mother's mind.  Your heart aches to see the baby fat fall away and the lean body that replaces it.  You begin to rejoice as independence replaces the complete dependence of toddlerhood, the need your little man had for you and only you.  You look on, proud and amazed, as he conquers baseball, soccer, football, any sport he wants to play he seems to be able to catch on to the basics.  You wonder when he grew up and why you missed it and when will be the last time that he cuddles up to you in the morning - still sleepy and not fully aware that he is taking on the position of one much younger, cuddled up, snuggled up to a momma eager for her baby.

It's good.

It's bittersweet.

It's inevitable.

And my thoughts turn to the man who is training him up.............and I wonder how it is I chose so wisely.  And I thank the God I did not fully know when I met this man for leading me He watched over me, how He knew me then.  

This summer has been one of watching my men, come together, work together, growing together.  The little one watching the big one, wanting always to come along side and help out.   And it occurs to blessed I am, how blessed he he is able to come alongside one who is good, who is strong, who has integrity, who is unchanging, unmovable, full of love for the Father.  I love watching my little man watch my big man, resting in the knowledge that my husband is always watching his Father, always looking to Him.

They dig deep in the soil together to plant food for our family.  They paint long lengths of wood to secure a jungle gym.  They play soccer.  They water.  They build.  They play hard.  They work hard.

He is learning how to care for a family this summer.  He is learning the importance of a Father this summer.  He is loving his mom but bonding with his dad this summer.  He is learning what it means to be a boy, a man this summer.

And as I watch, as I let go.........I am realizing how much I love this man in my life.  This man that God lead me to, that I married eight years ago.  I know that I will be pleased, that I will be proud, that I will be amazed if my son becomes the man he grew up watching, learning from and loving.  I thank God that He knew better than I what kind of man I needed.   And my heart begins to ache in a different way, a full to bursting kind of way, when I think of this man.

Thank you, thank you, thank you, Lord.

Thank you for a man who values his role in his children's lives.

Thank you for daddy-daughter dates.

Thank you for a man who is present.

Thank you for a man who teaches me what a servant leader looks like.

Thank you for a man who has man nights with his son.

Thank you for a man who puts my needs before his.

Thank you for a man who cherishes me.

Thank you for a man who knows strength comes from above.

Thank you for a man who leads, not only with words, but by example.

I love you, Joe.

Thank you for being so much more than I ever imagined.  God has blessed me beyond measure.

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