Friday, November 9, 2012



Hey you!

Yeah, I am totally talking to you, the one reading the computer/ipod/ipad/whatever screen right now.

I know you.

I know what you are thinking........sometimes.  I know that yesterday when I said BELIEVE that you might have said NO.  Or you might have said ok, thinking NO WAY.  That to believe in God is one thing but to believe in YOU is another.

And that's ok.

It's hard to do sometimes.

We read books and magazines and blogs and browse pinterest and go to church and go to mom's groups and go to our friend's houses and live life surrounded BY AMAZINGLY AWESOME PEOPLE THAT WE WILL NEVER BE.

Ummm..........because you're not suppose to be like the others.

You are YOU.

So today I will believe in YOU and your AMAZINGLY AWESOME talents/skills/nature if you will do me a favor................

If you have a hard time believing in YOU or even if you don't.....if you KNOW how AMAZINGLY AWESOME you believe in someone else.............


Seriously.  Today.

Go up to SOMEONE and recognize their skills, their hard work, their talent, their gifting or EVEN BETTER recognize who they could be or are moving to be.......and ENCOURAGE THE CRAP OUT OF THEM.  Be their personal cheerleader or be that crazy parent/fan that will stop at nothing to support them...................EVEN IF THEY ARE LOSING.

Do you know the only reason I have this blog?

Adrienne, Jani and Ashley told me I should................AND KEPT TELLING ME.  They believed in me when I didn't believe in me.  How embarrassing would it be to HAVE A BLOG?  That might mean I think I have something to say and that ANYONE would want to read what I say.  Ugh.  Horrifying thought.  But they kept saying it.  So I figured it MUST be a good idea if they thought it was.

I believe now.  I believe I have something to say and that someone wants to read it.

But only because someone else believed first.

Jason and Suzi said we could start a village.  Ummmm, no we can't.  We don't, like, KNOW STUFF.  They said, oh you're fine.  So we said ok.........RELUCTANTLY.  So we "started" a village thinking ok, we can just invite some people over to eat and then at some point Suzi and Jason will tell us what to do and explain things to us and we will have training and all that.

Ummmm, no.

I think about 25 people came to our house the first time AND THEY NEVER LEFT.  Well, they left that day but they kept coming back and bringing more people.  And, yeah, we have had some meetings and some diagrams but never the "training" we thought we were going to have.

But they believed we could and since we assumed they know WAY MORE than we do, we believed.

And now we have a village, Family Village.  AND I LOVE IT.  AND IT CHALLENGES ME.  IT GROWS ME.


So you see how it works?

Because you believe.........they will believe.........eventually.

It could take some time.

Ummm, so you better get started.................I mean it, right now.


And, yeah..........I TOTALLY believe in YOU.

Thanks for believing in me.

Love you all.


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