Friday, November 30, 2012

Home Makers

Each house is a space to fill, each family a blank canvas on which to create, a story which is about to begin and we, women, we are the Home Makers........

I love this term - Homemaker - I hate how it's been downplayed and made to be a quaint little adjective to describe those of us who don't hold jobs outside the home.

We are all Home Makers.

Home Makers have outside jobs or only the job they have at home.

Home Makers have no kids, while some have 20 kids.

Home Makers eat Wonderbread, others make their own bread.

Home Makers sew or not so much....... :)

Home Makers have clean floors or have someone else clean their floors.

Home Makers live in the poorest of conditions and the richest of conditions - their homes differing in size but not in importance.

I have been in so many houses and have seen the imprints of the ones who make the home.  I have seen homemade rule charts with lines scribbled upon the paper, evidence of little ones making their own rules :)  I have seen rooms filled with the artwork of budding artists.  I have seen beautiful moments frozen in time hung upon the walls.  I have tasted the goodness of meals cooked with love, meals cooked in haste, meals cooked amidst chaos.  I have heard the rich sounds of a mother's laugh, the shrieks of children, the musical sound of favorite books being read.  I have listened as hearts are poured out, hearts that cry out - wondering at their inadequacy, are they enough?  Oh how these women worry, wonder if they live up to their own expectations, the world's expectations.

And as they worry...........I stand in wonder.

I stand in awe of what they have made - these home makers, family creators, story writers.

I look at the evidence of their love, their time, their sacrifices, their very lives.

I soak in the warmth and ease of their homes.

I eat and enjoy the fruits of their labor - whether cooked by them or bought by them, always served with love.

I see their family, strong with the bonds they have created.

I see beautiful, beautiful children - not perfect children but children that reflect the love that they have been shown.

Today embrace the beauty of the blank canvas - yours to fill with whatever words you wish.  You are a home maker, family creator, story writer.

What is the story YOU are writing today?

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