Sunday, December 2, 2012

Good Intentions :)

Today I came home from church fired up with words, so many words that I wanted to write and preach and speak into life here in this space.  I WAS SO EXCITED!

But I have three kids.

Who were hungry.

And one had a birthday party that she had to be at by 1:30.

So a quick lunch was made and eaten together.

And the other had wanted to read books this morning but we didn't have time because we were busy building legos, then making cards, then getting ready and then into the car for church.

So we read books.

Then we did puzzles.

Then we watched Dora because reading books and doing puzzles on little sleep is enough to induce sleep.

So there was snuggling and Dora watching but no sleep.

Then a promise to keep to a friend, a pick-up after that and home to make dinner (does anyone else find it RIDICULOUS how often people need to eat?!?  I might have mentioned to a friend once that this is evidence that we are right in using He instead of She because I feel certain if it was a She instead of a He we would only need to eat once a week and be done with it.......that, I am sure, is wrong on so many theological levels but I feel the need to throw it out there........)

Family movie night - Star Wars (Nico's birthday party was last night and it was Star Wars themed - games, pinata, cake and all........I was quite proud of myself.......well, until the "Pin the Light Saber on Luke" game was played.............Joe was was ENTIRELY inappropriate.  Let's just say that my very manly looking Luke, hands on hips and legs spread, left himself WIDE OPEN for an inappropriate light saber placement............)

It was a great day.  Relaxing.  Pretty easy (except for the NONSTOP squirming ALL OVER MOMMY and NONSTOP talking during Star Wars - oh my word.  Joe just tells me to make them stop but I feel I should ENJOY THESE EXCRUCIATINGLY WONDERFUL MOMENTS OF CLOSENESS while I can :)

But now it's 9:30 and the words that I was all fired up over at the beginning of the day are gone.  

Well, not entirely........I have started a few posts and then not finished them tonight because it just doesn't feel right.  I know that one day, soon, I will come back to them and finish them and the Holy Spirit will finish the thoughts and fill the page with words and the thinking and the typing and the writing won't seem so hard.  It will just flow and come from a different place other than my own mind and hands.

But today I was a mom.

A mom who loves Jesus.

And so I love my kids the best I can - my squirmy, LOUD, crazy, lego creatin', book readin', forever eatin' kids that God has blessed me with.

And if, perhaps, you are a mom that has been flooded :) with craziness today and not found your peace or your words or your space to be on fire for God.................remember this:

Today YOU were a mom.

A mom who loves Jesus.

And you loved your kids the best you could - your squirmy, LOUD, crazy, always movin', never stoppin', forever eatin' kids that God has blessed YOU with.

Tomorrow we'll be holy and MIGHTY and strong.

Today let Him be holy and MIGHTY and strong as He loves His squirmy, LOUD, crazy, always movin', never stoppin', forever cookin' moms who have been blessed and LOVED by Him.

Love you all.

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Wendy in OH said...

needed to hear today, and every day...thanks!