Monday, December 3, 2012

The Shattering

Yesterday I sat in my pew, flinching at the powerful words of a preacher man.  At times I closed my eyes because I didn't want to see, didn't want to hear, didn't want to feel the blows of truth to my heart. My pew grows more uncomfortable as the weeks pass because God is convicting me of things that are growing me and changing me.

And it's odd what is said is oftentimes different from what is heard.  After a service filled with worship and preaching and teaching, I will talk with others about what was said and we all hear different things.........such is the power of God to speak through others and to others using the same words to speak to His people in different ways.

And so today I want to share with you what I heard and what I saw.....................

More and more I am sure that NOTHING can be done alone.

More and more I am sure that there is power in MANY.

More and more I am sure that God is gathering His people.

More and more I am sure that idols and other gods will be struck down.

More and more I am sure that a holy light will shine forth from the many who follow God.

More and more I am sure that words on a page written long ago are there for all people and you don't need fancy language or years of study to understand that Jesus is Lord and that what is written carries simple truths.

More and more I understand grace and it's place in my life.

More and more I understand that if we are not united, together, by an uncommon God then we are limiting our worship and service to Him.

I heard the powerful words of the preacher man proclaiming one true throne, dismissing the thrones that we all have seated others on.  He spoke of picturing thrones above our head.........who is on that throne, who do you fear, upon whom do you place too much importance, who do you never say no to?  ((flinch))  Yes, I have seated others on that throne.  I see them in my mind and I see the thrones that I am seated on in other's minds.  I see how I have encouraged my placement on those thrones and I see how I have elevated those around me to heights only reserved for God.

I close my eyes.  I close my eyes after the sermon, lost in the music that fills the sanctuary and I see us all, as a people.  I see the thrones above all of our heads, the many other gods and idols sitting upon those tiny thrones.

And I see the thrones being splintered and obliterated, smashed to bits.

The thrones of the idols and gods of those around me are being destroyed, they are being wiped out, replaced by a clear path to God, the One who sits on the true throne.

And imagine the POWER and STRENGTH and MIGHT of all those in the sanctuary uniting all their love and their energy and light into worshipping GOD.

Can you see it?  Can you see the light finally being able to stream up?  Not being blocked, obstructed by our false gods but unfiltered, undiluted, PURE light streaming and meeting all together at The Source.

The windows of the sanctuary blow out, shattered by the strength of such worship.  I see the doors fling open, unable to restrain the power of the pure worship of the people within.  I have the thought that we can't afford new windows!  How can I see this happening in my mind's eye and wish with all my heart to feel that power, to see windows shattering before the power of all God's people worshipping with unfiltered hearts.

Then I think...........

How can we afford NOT to?

I have read of miracles, of signs and wonders.

I have believed.

I am ready to witness, firsthand.

Or maybe not ready............never, truly, ready for the POWER of GOD, what a fierce and fearful thing...........but I know it is coming.

Get ready for the shattering.......................

The shattering of hearts, of windows, of convictions, of long-held beliefs and..............



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