Monday, January 16, 2012

There's No Fun Like SNOW FUN!

Our "Super" Snowman - Nico loved this snowman.  We all worked together to make him in the backyard.  Well, Francesca just ate the snow and couldn't be bothered to stop eating for even the picture.

Isn't he beautiful......runny nose and all.......

My girl - she said she wished they only had school 4 days a week now, she had so much fun these past few days.
Me too, Fia.........

Again, this is Francesca's version of a smile these days (sigh).  She really does have beautiful eyes.
Our girl snowman in the front yard - we call her The Auntie Tash :)
Some indoor fun!  The kids LOVED making their snowman candle holders.  They wanted to light them up and each have their own candlelit breakfast :)

Nico's snowman

Fia's snow woman - gotta love the endless craft supplies from grandma retiring, Zia Maria/Uncle Steve presents and Uncle Vince/Aunt Colleen presents :)

Oh and you might think........gee, Mandy this is AWFUL LATE for you to be posting....why it's 2 o'clock in the morning!  What on earth have you been doing all night that you are up this late?  I have been playing some beans game that my brother and sister-in-law brought home from Kansas City.  It is now time for them to go back.  I can't take too many more late nights.  The game and their company is's time for them to go back to Liv, Audra and Rachael and keep THEM up all night.

Plus after a day's respite from the's back.

Nico threw up YET AGAIN in his bed.  It has now cycled through everyone, Nico and Francesca twice already and is back to Nico.  It is time for the sickness to end.   Two weeks is long enough.

 I have to be up again in 4 hours.  

Wish me luck.................the GINORMOUS pile of laundry and I will need it :)

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