Monday, November 14, 2011

Rainy Day Procrastination.....

So I had all kinds of plans to clean up that Popsicle mess in the car and to take the recycling to where it belongs.........but it's raining.  I can't possible go out in the rain and do that sort of thing so we went for a walk in the rain instead with our umbrellas and boots - such fun.  I love to see Nico's expression as he jumps into the biggest puddle and splashes water all over himself.  It's as if he thinks he is getting away with something so incredibly naughty but his mom is RIGHT THERE laughing with him too.

On this rainy day I thought you might enjoy reading one of my ALL TIME FAVORITE blog posts.  I am loathe to share this link with you because this mom is so HILARIOUS and true and just downright honest in a world that sometimes lends itself to extremes (I breastfed for TWO YEARS, I NEVER let my child watch tv, I only serve ORGANIC, FRESH FROM THE FARM food to my child, etc., etc.  It's something us moms do to ourselves, I swear.  And I applaud all these things, by the way, if you do them.  I am impressed and I think they are good things.  I am just saying sometimes we do the right things for the wrong reasons or look down on others who don't operate the same way we do.  I do it too....babies in slings make me twitch.  I have no idea why other than it's something that I could/would never do.  I want my babies in a crib when they are sleeping - don't hate me babywearers...., away from me so I can get a moment of peace and quiet.  I say this knowing I have dear friends who use slings - I love you, I love your children, they are amazing - I am the weird one.  Did I just write a WHOLE PARAGRAPH in parentheses?  Is that allowed?)  anyway I fear you might not stop by Mommy Moments anymore and who would I have to talk to in my head all day long?  But, alas, she is too good not to share and I can always pretend that I have readers.  Check her out here.  The funniest and truest line?

 TV IS YOUR FRIEND. Not only your friend, your lover.

Oh and the other favorite post here.  

Happy Rainy Monday!  Tomorrow will have to be Take Control of your Trashy Transportation Tuesday.....................

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