Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Random Question of The Day #2

So last week I asked who you would like to go to the dance with......Johnny Castle, Ren McCormack or Danny Zuko.......five of you answered. I met my quota. However, almost all of you answered wrong and were I giving a prize away it would go to Meghan - who correctly answered with Ren. I mean the soundtrack, that dance scene and, really, it's Kevin Bacon and he's been married FOREVER and seems to be just a really nice person. However, I was just asking for your opinion and I should be accepting of whatever answer you gave......because it is how you feel and you can't help it if you are blinded by a six pack and a good tan.

This week I am wondering which Golden Girl are you most like?

A. Sophia

B. Rose

C. Blanche

D. Dorothy

Now you MUST BE HONEST. Frankly there are the cool Golden Girls and then the not so cool Golden Girls. It saddens me that I am not one of the cool ones. I was secretly hoping that maybe, maybe I was one of the cool ones but I yelled to Joe to tell me which one he thought I was and WITH NO HESITATION he named the exact one I was thinking.

Oh well.

Golden Girls is classic in our house - we have the dvds, Matt, Joe and I can all quote favorite lines and have favorite episodes. Here is a favorite.......when she smashes that hotdog I almost pee myself EVERY SINGLE TIME.

So which is it ladies? Are you a Rose, Dorothy, Sophia or Blanche?


Diane Whitehouse said...

OK we all know I'm Dorothy! Diane

mandyc said...

Oh are so right........Dorothy definitely knows how to do the eye thing well. :) So you are Dorothy, Amy is Sophia, what does that leave for Megs?

Meghan said...

I don't know who I am! Help me out here.

amy w said...

Oh Meg, you are so a Bl-ose!

amy w said...

Oh Meg, you are so a Bl-ose

mandyc said...

That's hilarious!! Because, truly, that is what I was thinking this afternoon - a Rose with a hint of Blanche's sassiness thrown in :)

Oh and for the record both Joe and I had me pegged for a Dorothy - how I would love to be more of a Rose!