Friday, November 11, 2011

On The Path to Greatness ;)

This past week and, to be honest, it's an ongoing struggle of mine I have been thinking about how God wants me to use this life He has given me.  How can I pour out blessings to others?  How can I be used to love?  You all had such wonderful words for me and gave me much to think about......

And it did cause me to think.

It caused me to think about what is put before me.  What did God give me?  How did He pour out blessings on me?  And it always, always comes back to the same thing for me, for my path that God has put me on.......

My home.  My family.  My husband.  My children.

This is where God wants me to serve.  In my own home.

I have been so lucky that I have been able to do that and in the past few weeks I have seen so many instances in which I have been able to use my home, my family, my time to serve others.  (I was talking about this to one of my friends who happens to be male and he brings his boys over for playdates and often eats here........he asked if he was one of my ways of serving, a mission so to speak, oh and his wife works across the hall from Joe :)

But, well, I have been neglecting an area - an important one, in this age of divorce and the general breakdown of the family.........

My poor husband.  The last to get loved on.  The first to get piled on.  How can I worry about the orphans in Uganda or Ecuador when there is a man here that is not being loved on?  How can I worry about the people down the street or the hungry downtown, if there is one in my own home not being served?

My, oh God opened my eyes to what was before me, my first love, the one who should be loved first and foremost after Him.

Joe and I have a good, solid marriage.  I would even say that we have a great marriage but I have been slacking.  The inside of our cupboards have notes that we wrote each other...once upon a time before there were 3 little ones - they were still being written with two but seemed to drop off when the third arrived.   There used to be quite regular date nights but, well, it's hard when it seems there are so many things that come before date nights.  I think it is time to step it up, to get creative, to get inspired.

This site helped to kick things off today:

It is awesome!  How timely it was to find these ladies.  This morning the little ones and I put together a basket filled with new pajama pants, popcorn, mugs, hot chocolate and a movie from redbox.  We dropped it off at Joe's school with a note saying "Baby, It's Cold Outside" and then on the inside I wrote to meet me in front of the fire at 8:30 for snacks, hot drinks and some cuddlin'......

We came home and found some old white lights from Christmas and hung them around the living room and cut out snowflakes and hung those from the ceiling.  We added some other little touches here and there to make it feel more cozy, a bit different from the usual.  All in all I think it looks quite nice, a little winter wonderland.  It was cheap, easy and the kids could help.

There will be more dates in the future, more romantic gestures.  God put on my heart to love the ones He put in front of me.  That love will be further poured out on those around us.  To be an example of His love to my husband, to give that example to my's part of what He has called me to do.

Luckily, my man makes it easy to love...................kisses to you, babe.

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