Tuesday, November 1, 2011

The Second Generation.......

Back in college - those younger days, my carefree and completely irresponsible days - I had a friend named Megs. I am convinced everyone should have a Megs. Megs was the responsible one, the one who studied and went to class and kept her boyfriend from back home the entire time while at school and went on to marry him. She was the steady and stable to my more lazy and unpredictable.

Bekah and I would come in late at night and pounce on her bed and drag her out of bed in her pajamas to go on midnight drives with us. We would have to walk all the way out to "Siberia" where we parked and then Megs would take her place in the backseat, barely functioning, and we would sit upfront and talk and laugh and well, do unhealthy things to our lungs. Every once in awhile we would hear a screech if something flew back on Megs. We never wanted to go without her and half the fun was dragging her out of bed and making her come with us, knowing she would never refuse us.

Megs came with me to the art room when it was days before all the assignments were due for some art education class and, of course, I hadn't completed any - barely went to class - it seemed such a waste at the time. She came with me and helped me complete all those art projects. I think back and wonder why on earth Megs was so kind to me.........................

During student teaching she went out into the woods after dark with me to find pinecones for the next days lesson. I didn't want to go by myself and, again, nothing was as fun without hearing the long-suffering sighs of Megs. She was always so willing - a loving parent to an errant child, it seemed, at times.

The day before graduation is was Megs and I furiously trying to wipe marker off the walls of our bathroom. I thought it would be fun and cute to draw pictures and write things ALL OVER our bathroom and it says washable........so I did. I guess after weeks of being on a surface the washable is no longer washable. So once again Megs saved the day and we washed and painted so that we wouldn't have to pay a huge fine.

Just last year I went to Florida with Megs and Bekah for 4 days - my WONDERFUL husband organized it for my Christmas gift and sent me off with the girls. It was the first time since college that we had been alone for so long - just girls - no kids, no husbands, just us. It was amazing. One of the best thigs about it was being once again with Megs - the responsible one and surrendering the responsibility to her. I drove to pick her up and from then on ceased to worry about anything. I thought Megs is here.........she's got it.

And she did. Like always.

Everyone needs a Megs.

Pictures of our kids playing together the past weekend. Maybe future Grovers?

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