Sunday, November 13, 2011

For Melissa

Many years ago, BEFORE I HAD CHILDREN, I got into my stepmother-in-law's car - it was covered in kid stuff.  There were some crumbs, some toys, etc.  I thought to myself - oh my WHEN I HAVE KIDS I will never let my car look like this........(I have NO IDEA why I thought this because I do not have a reputation for being the most organized, clean person....I think I was in my I will be a better parent THAN ANYONE ELSE EVER HAS BEEN phase - which ended about two minutes after I got home with my screaming bundle of joy and started sobbing because I thought my life was over - THAT was a parent of the year type of moment.......)

So this is for Melissa and because, well, motherhood is nothing if not humbling..............

A popsicle from Fia's trip to the ER

A sticker left on the window from a Border's story time 2 years ago

Nico's cup holders

Recycling put in the car a week ago - now just tossed from place to place
in order to get the kids in the car

Francesca's teddy, some spoon wrappers from Wendy's Jr frosty cups
 Thanks to Bekah for those coupon books!

The trunk where I dumped all the other recycling a week ago because I needed a container for our milk
(We get milk from a local farm and it comes in these big glass jars)

Have a good week everyone!!  Next time I write here I hope to have been shamed into cleaning this incredible mess - at least the grape popsicle melting all over the car :)

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