Tuesday, February 7, 2012


I feel out of the loop.  I love to write and update my blog - sometimes for you all and sometimes for my kiddies to have a record of who I was when they were little or who they were.  But here's the thing.....life has been good this past week or so, easy, fun........I have felt a bit floaty (I know that's not a word but it's how I felt when I was taking my migraine medicine and it's always astonishing to me that I can feel that way when NOT medicated - I tell God THANK YOU for my all-natural floaty feeling rather than having it brought on by medication that I am sure could be addictive when in the wrong hands - which would be my hands thus I am not on it anymore and my AWESOME chiropractor is back in action.  Yes, this is going to be another paragraph within a paragraph......but Dr. Case in Canton, Ohio is AMAZING.  First of all sometimes I get to go without my kids and they have a fancy coffee machine in the lobby (which any machine is fancy to me but this is really cool and you get to pick what type of coffee, tea or cider you want) and there are magazines and sometimes I do REALLY early to my appointment and pretend I am on vacation or something.  Then you get to see the fabulous Dr. Case and he asks how  you are doing and you might mention something like oh I have been sleeping really well lately.  This brings on fits of happiness and joy in the man.  He goes into these detailed explanations about why this is happening and congratulates you on being wonderful when all you are doing is showing up and letting him twist various body parts.  But here's the thing.....it totally worked for me.  I had a year of migraines - went to him - POOF GONE!  Not a one.  Had to stop seeing him because my insurance visits were over - a few weeks later - MIGRAINE!  Argh.  Waited 2 months, had many migraines within that time period, and then the new year.......not a one since seeing him again.  Magical.  Love it.  Love him. Done with my paragraph within a paragraph.)  So anyway......floaty......wonderful life.......not conducive for writing :)

This week I am still retaining the floaty feeling and enjoying life and my the cooking has been fun lately (all kinds of stuff coming out of the freezer and pantry lately being made into meals - I open the freezer and see what I can use today - have had zucchini muffins/bread, lemon blueberry bread, potato soup, tomato soup, roast with swiss chard, radish top soup, all kinds of stuff - fun times).   But there is the fact that Fia has been home for two days.

It's a difference.......3 kids instead of 2.  Especially when one of them is use to being active all day at school with friends, a teacher she loves and lots of activities.

Still good.  Just a bit more work then the 2.

Plus Joe has conferences and we had a foster care class last night until 9:00 (that is an hour and half past the time that I count on to be done with my day, just so you know.  I like to be done at 7:30.  Now I still am "working" at that time but it's my time to cook or bake or do laundry or WATCH MY 100TH EPISODE OF ARMY WIVES - if you see me in the library trying to check out the fourth season PHYSICALLY RESTRAIN ME..........it's like my migraine medication - in the wrong hands it could be dangerous.....one night I was up until 11:30 making radish top soup and lemon blueberry bread and doing laundry so I could justify watching that much tv in one night.  Oh and it's not a reality show, it's an awesome drama.  I WAS ON THE EDGE OF MY SEAT for every episode I watched.  And let me add............watching the show makes me appreciate you Mrs. Bluman.....I have no idea what is accurate and what is not - but it's one of those things that makes me aware that for some this isn't just a show, not just their entertainment for the week but their real life.  I am in awe of those of you who choose this path, who serve their country either by staying the course at home or in another, more dangerous place.  Although, if any of you know Miss Kelly.....it would not come as a surprise that she is able to do it - she is one strong woman.

Anyway........floaty feeling still there but a bit more going on this week.

So I am one the phone with my mom this morning around 9:45 telling her that we have been engaged in SO MUCH ACTIVITY already this morning.  Everyone's been up for ages and we have read books, I made pancakes, we have done numerous crafts, we have cleaned a few areas, we made dough for cutout cookies and have played.

It's only 9:45.

Joe comes home in 10 1/2 hours or so.

We can't go anywhere because Fia's sick but not sick enough to just want to lay there.  Sick enough to not go to school but well enough to still want to play all day and be engaged with coughing fits in between.

So we get started on our cutout cookies.  I give the kids each a ball, there is flour EVERYWHERE and they each picked out which cookie cutter they want to use.  It's actually a lot of fun.  We are all in jammies, there is a mess everywhere but everyone is engaged, being nice and having fun.  I am thinking this isn't such a big deal, I just need to snap out of my conference night mood (which I think should be an actual diagnosis because I always need to psych myself up for these days where I am on my own for the entire day and YES, I know there are single moms out there who do it every day or moms who have husbands in the army - oh, yes, I know all about those ladies after my endless hours of viewing :) but it's still a long day)

Then comes the knock.

Hmmmm.......that's weird.  Who could that be?  My mom and dad would just come in.  Hmmm.....must be Steve, our neighbor.  But he rarely knocks.  He just appears in the window.

Let's go see who it is.........me still in jammies, covered in flour in only the way you can be when making cut out cookies with three small children, hair matted, no makeup, didn't even brush my teeth (just now as I am writing this I am amazed that never once did I think maybe I should look out the window to see who it is before answering the door looking like some person who just escaped from the crazy house where they make the inmates make their own bread)........


That's right.  The Fether boys are coming today while their mom goes to the doctor's.  All four.


My three children just became seven children.

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