Wednesday, February 15, 2012

My Boy

My rough and tumble, ready for action, always creating, always thinking, dreaming big dreams and finding ways to make them come true boy.  Oh my, buddy, these days are priceless to your loving mama.  This special time when big sister is away at school and little sister is still a bit of a babe - it's me and you in the afternoon.  Once upon a time it was Fia and I - playing games, having tea parties, doing quiet work, creating art projects while you little ones slept.  But now the afternoons look a bit different :)

Oh the visions you have..........they make me smile.  Your enthusiasm, your curiosity and the belief you have that together we can create anything that you imagine.  Here's a glimpse of the projects that you have come up with in just the past week or two.  I thought it important to capture a bit of your imagination for the record.............. 

Here we are digging a prairie dog hole.   This was inspired by an episode of Diego.  You said your favorite animal was a honey badger but that you wanted to see how far you could dig down for a prairie dog.  You told me to put on my dirty clothes so we could go outside and see if we could get in the hole and explore :)  We didn't get that far down but you were very excited when my feet disappeared down into the hole. 

This was a two day project - your car garage.  You came out of your room Monday morning at
7:00 am and announced that you would be needing cardboard boxes, paint, a curtain, markers, glue and tape because you were making a play today.  I said you needed to call grandma and grandpa for cardboard boxes........but not right at that moment.  You waited until 8:30 and we went and picked some up that morning.  We painted the boxes and the next day when they were dry you decided to create a car garage.  We cut out doors, made a sign and during play by yourself time you created a street.  Marvelous!  Francesca even played with it later on in the day. 

These were two different projects inspired by the same space book that we got from the library.  I so wish you could see the AWESOME space packs that daddy had made you in this picture.  Cereal boxes, plastic bottles and tubing made into one TOTALLY COOL space pack on your back.  You wore this outfit to Target that night.  Oh my, people did smile.  I think you made quite a few people a bit happier that day.  The space rocket and space launcher were all your idea.  You helped create it, telling me where to place everything while I took control of the hot glue gun.  They have joined your treasures on your dresser.

Last but not least this is your homemade train table.  You got a lid from the basement and colored your own landscape in.  You set up the track and now it resides in your bedroom.

If this is what 4 looks like I can't wait to see what 14 brings, what 24 brings.  What will you become?  Who will you be?  I know that whatever you choose it will be amazing and I will be right with you buddy, whatever you choose.  I love you, forever and always, thank you for filling my life with your joy and enthusiasm.

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