Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Life's Little Moments

Just enjoying the little moments of today...............

Nico helping to make crust for chicken pot pie and Francesca eating the crust for the chicken pot pie :)

The changing of the windows - the spring like weather inspiring us.

Nico's creation once again, he based it on the picture that came with the bag of animals.

We had salt for the dessert, actually grass and rocks for the mountain goat and paper for the water.

Then Francesca messed it all up and combined all the animals on the dessert/dirt area. This was apparently unacceptable. Much screaming and crying ensued but God's grace endured in the moment. Momma kept her calm, Nico went to his room and emerged a better man............after quite along time and having to think of three things he loved about his little sister. He loves eating under the table with her, her room and her toys. We'll have to work on that........loving her and not her things but it's a start.

Hope your day is filled with lovely moments...........

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