Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Oh Happy Day!

I love this day, Valentine's Day :)  I actually start looking forward to it right after Christmas.  After all the Christmas decorations are down and it's looking clean and fresh, ready for a new year, I begin to think how we can cover it all in little paper hearts.  I love to see all the red and pink everywhere and to feel the excitement of the kids.  I feel it is the one guilt free holiday we have left.  There is no agonizing over whether to let them believe or not.  There is no agonizing on what to get or how much to get - there is no getting, only giving on this day.  There is no agonizing over whether or not Christians should or should not celebrate this holiday - is it all about the candy and dressing up or is it darker than that?  I do love all holidays and am mostly at peace with our decisions about all of them (there is always room for some healthy doubt :) but Valentine's seems to just be easy and fun.   Joe and I don't celebrate Valentine's Day alone but it's, rather, a family celebration.   It's a day of heart shaped pizza, pink applesauce.  A day of hearts hanging on the walls, on the ceiling, painted on the windows.  It's a day of cookie baking and cookie sharing.  It's a day of heart games and candy stacking.  It's a day to celebrate those you love and those that love you. 

And in all................

Happy Valentine's Day!

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Kelly @ Love Well said...

Woo-hoo! You know I agree 100%.