Wednesday, March 13, 2013

My Prayer for Today

Dear God............

Thank you for tv.  Seriously.  Thank you.

Did you know there are parents out there WHO USE IT AS A BABYSITTER? OH. MY. WORD.

Yeah, I was totally one of them today.  Thank you for Paul Nipkow and the path he blazed for tired mothers everywhere.

Thank you for dishwashers.  Mine was broken today, God.  And I tried to remember all those wonderful, heartfelt mommy bloggers and their posts about passionate homemaking and finding joy in the every day. Oh and those posts about when you wash dishes be SO THANKFUL you have dishes.  I was trying to find the thankfulness and joy, God.  Really, I was.

I didn't find it.

I want my dishwasher back.

So thank you, God, for Josephine Cochrane.  It figures the dishwasher was invented by a woman........although I lost a bit of my female pride when I read she invented it because her servants were always chipping her china.........but, still, thank you for dishwashers.

Could you please work on miraculously fixing mine tonight while I sleep?  That would be awesome.

Also, thank you for small miracles.

One occurred today, God.

I was making the trek out to the farm where we get milk.........wait, what?  I usually go on Tuesdays-once every 3 months or so?

Yes, I know.

And as you already must know........I DID go yesterday.  And I DID try to have patience for the TWO AND A HALF LONG HOURS I spent in the car doing the pick up.

But I didn't.

And then I got to the house where I do the drop off and realized I forgot to take ALL THE MONEY out to the farm with me.

(((SIGH)))) ((((Under my breath cursing)))))

So, yes, I got to spend ANOTHER TWO HOURS in the car today.........thank you, God, for using life (and my two children who talked incessantly for 2 hours and had to stop to go to the bathroom once) to shape me, to use each situation to show me exactly how far I HAVEN'T come in developing patience, thank you.

So, yes, my miracle............

The car was a mite low on gas (ummm.......the red light was on) and I hadn't noticed until I was on the highway and I didn't want to get off the highway, God, because that would slow me down and I would lose about 2 minutes of my life and well, that was seeming to be unacceptable ( journey to a patient life is just begin, me through Your patience with me, Lord........) BUT this was all OK because as soon as I get on 241 there is a gas station.

Except when there isn't.

And we are in Amish country.

Lots of cows.

Lots of places selling eggs and honey and wood products.

Lots of buggies.

No gas stations.

Nico kept yelling from the back "We need a town!  We need a town!  I think I see one!"

He asked if we would need a tow truck. 

He asked what are we going to do if we stop mom?

And then there was a great light and a moment of great joy and a gas station APPEARED.

Thank you, Lord.  Thank you for towns in the middle of nowhere.  Thank you that we did not run out of gas.  

And finally, Lord, just thank you.  

Thank you for this life you have given me - that even when it's a tv-watching, dishwasher broken, running out of gas in so many different ways kind of day, it's good.  

We can recover and move on and make giant sea life murals in the living room with paint on hands, couches and floor.

And we discover that a messy life is the only life worth living.

I love you, God.

Thank you for loving me.

I was reminded in so many ways of Your Love today.  It had been a little while since I stopped myself enough to feel that, to hear that, to recognize you in my every day.

Thank you for helping me to find You today.

Breathing deep, Lord.  Breathing in Your peace and love.


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