Thursday, September 5, 2013


It starts small...........just a tiny throbbing, really.

I ignore it.

Because, really, it seems I will never learn.

This was last night.........I fall asleep thinking that I will be fine in the morning, right?

I wake up.

The throbbing is still there.

By 10am, all the kids are all gone, I am in the midst of tomatoes, pesto rolls and cleaning......and the throbbing has grown.

So I take a pill and there is a bit of relief.

But by late afternoon it is back and growing.  I take another pill.

The pain continues to grow and I continue to ignore the vice grip on my head until it is time for the kids to start the bedtime process with Joe.

I am stubborn but migraines are more stubborn.

The light hurts.

I am squinting.

The pain just keeps growing.

The waves of nausea come.

Until I am in the bathroom...........throwing up.........thinking that if I don't keep holding the sides of my head, it might split apart, exploding with the pain.

I am shaking.

I make it back to the bedroom.

Joe comes in and looks at me with sympathy but that look that also says you know this happens......why are you so stubborn?

I just look up and ask him to rub my neck.

As an afterthought I ask him to pray.

He does both.

As he prays he calls upon the name of Jesus.  He asks that whatever is causing this, whatever evil might be causing this to be gone, in the name of Jesus.

At that very moment it's as if a valve is opened, a hole is opened and the pain begins a slow leak out, it's leaving my body.

Where once before I was tense with pain and my body was shaking..........I begin to relax for the first time, I am not trying to hold my body together against the pain.

The force of it, the strength of gone.  The throbbing is faint and I drift off to sleep.

I wake just a few hours later.

And I think...........inconceivable.

Inconceivable is it, that at the sound of a name, that pain is wiped away.  That an offhand request, in a desperate moment, was the solution.


The power of a name.

The power of a holy touch.

And the tenacity of a husband more stubborn than any wife or migraine.

A husband who knows who the Healer is and calls freely upon His name.

And I laugh.

I smile.

And I hear the words quoted so many times by my amazing husband and his siblings.............

"You keep using that word, I do not think it means what you think it means."


It seems I may just be realizing what IS conceivable.................

Praise and glory be to God.

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