Sunday, September 15, 2013


Ahhh.......that preacher man and now a music man and someday I will find the words to incapsulate the formidable Suzi but for now she defies description so broad is her range of amazingness that I will simply call her my friend.........these people......they leave me weepy and filled yet yearning for more and feeling tender in the presence of the Lord.......

For they are not mere humans but vessels for the Lord........they speak and sing and live in a way that they reflect the Father.......

Each Sunday I leave a building but more than that I leave a body, a people that are filled with the Holy Spirit, a people that are filled with a Love that surpasses what mere humans are capable of.....

It's a weird and perplexing thing to leave church exhausted and stretched out and tingling and wanting it to last forever and yet seeking a place to rest and search your heart for the words that God left there for the hours that you were there.

I love my church.  I love the body of the church that incapsulates the message and person of Jesus.  I love the preacher man and music man and Suzi because in them resides the yearning to serve the Father and love a big Love that defies any other description besides Jesus.

And sometimes I talk big and I act big and I am loud and too much and I can speak with conviction and force but I spoke in whispers.

God show me a picture of the Holy Spirit as a quick but graceful wind moving throughout the room......whipping in and around and through His people..........and all around the fears and anxieties and messiness of the people were being wiped from them, being gently washed from them.....

And then the forceful nature of who God is stepped the form of a mortar and pestle.......He took those fears and anxieties and all the messiness and ground it down into a fine dust..........and there it was blown away in the the quick but graceful wind moving through the was ground down and blown away.........

And all through the sanctuary I walked and spoke to His people......reassuring them of who He is and who they are and how amazing they are and what amazing things they do.......their words, their beauty, their faithfulness, their love...........God whispering words of love in the ears of His people........

Because it's not enough to identify fears and anxieties and's not enough to ground them out and down and blow them in the wind...........we must then become filled with Him, filled with the message of His love and acceptance..........

And so today I want to whisper words of love and acceptance and worthiness into your lives and tell you that He loves you with an unending, unconditional, unwavering kind of love.  That when you look into the mirror, into your heart, into your life that what you see is exactly as it should be........that you.  you alone are enough.  All this striving and trying and yearning and wanting will kill the you that you are if not accompanied by the LOVE of God.

And it's not worth it.

Achieving perfection in one area will leave you dry in another.  Striving to be more and do more and accomplish more will leave you empty.  Yearning to be different, to make a difference will leave you with the same person you started with.

So just stop.  Stop.

Look in the mirror.

Really look.

See the beauty, the amazing beauty of exactly who you are.

I's there.

Because you see.........preacher man? music man? Suzi?

They are pretty people.  They just are.  But most of the time.........I forget.

I forget their outer beauty in light of the LOVE they shine..........the LOVE they shine that comes not from them or their deeds or their accomplishments but that comes from GOD.

They SHINE his LOVE.

Preacher man's words.

Music man's melodies.

Suzi's life.

All a reflection of the beauty and knowledge of the Father's Love.

I want you to know that each one of you carry this Love.  Each one of you is loved beyond measure.  I wish for you today, I pray for you today, to hear the message of the Father's Love for YOU.

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