Monday, March 12, 2012

A Full Moon (A Repeat)

Going to Marcs is always a fun time with the three kiddos. I will complain once in a while because it is quite the adventure but there is something strangely satisfying about navigating a rather cramped store with three kids 5 and under. So while I actually do enjoy grocery shopping with the three kids it seems as if we are always on display. Without fail someone ALWAYS says my, you have your hands full or something of the kind. I have come to terms with this as something one just says rather than a reflection of my parenting. For I have to say they are rather well behaved most of the time in Marcs and quite helpful, however, I am a somewhat relaxed parent in some ways and they walk through on their own and help pick out items. It takes more time and certainly seems more chaotic but it can be enjoyable. All this to say, again, that we are a SPECTACLE.......

A few weeks ago we had completed our trip through Marcs with the usual fanfare and were coming out (me congratulating myself, once again, on being SUCH a FABULOUS mom that I can do this so effortlessly, why people must stare and wonder how does she do it........). An older lady came up to me and tapped me on the shoulder (must be one of those that want to tell me what a handful I have or what cute kids I have....)

"Ummmm........miss, miss.......your skirt is caught up."

OH MY GOODNESS. I just walked through Marcs in Belden Village with my skirt caught up WITH MY THREE CHILDREN that just made me that much more conspicuous.

"Oh my gosh, my underwear wasn't showing was it?!?"

BIG PAUSE "Oh, no, no it wasn't showing, just a little leg."

YEAH RIGHT.....the pause was big enough that my whole big butt hanging out at Marcs could have fit in it.

I got in the car and LAUGHED SO HARD..........then called two of my friends to let them know the freak show that is my life but I haven't told you the part that really upset me yet.

I get home and tell Joe about it and something akin to pity appears in his eyes. He says something along the lines of oh that's too bad or embarrassing or something of the sort. The whole time I was thinking that it was a really great story and that it's hilarious that this happened. I wasn't even thinking that my butt probably isn't in peak form (I really can't remember a time when it would have been in peak form but I am sure there was a summer somewhere in high school where the general public wouldn't have minded getting a quick peak at my fine cheeks) and it would be somewhat humiliating to have it on display at the local discount store. Luckily, I know my husband and I know he loves my cheeks and he is just a more compassionate person than I am so I let my temporary horror go and have chalked it up to yet another moment that can perhaps be used to brighten another person's day. And by that I mean you all not the many people who got a view of my rearend at Marcs.....although, I was looking the other day and it's not horrible or completely out of the realm of possibilities that someone's day might have been made brighter that day at Marcs.............

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