Monday, March 5, 2012

Another Bedtime Conversation

Nico:  Mom, I'm going to have to get a new bed when I am bigger.

Me:  Well, buddy, this is the bed you are going to have.  You won't need a bigger one than this, I promise.

Nico:  Mom, I'm going to be HUGE (spreads his hands out about a foot or two).  And, mom, I'm also going to be a little fatter.  You know, when I'm a cooker.  I'll be fatter.  Also, the chicken nuggets.....they'll make me dirty.  I'll be dirty from cookin' the chicken nuggets.  Mom?  Do you think we can make those at home (I'm am thinking of the chicken strips we have made in the past with homemade breadcrumbs, organic fresh from the farm milk, organic cage free eggs and the chicken without all the hormones and stuff - I'm thinking, yeah buddy I can totally cut those up into nuggets......)?  Do you think they have the recipe at McDonald's?  Can we go there and ask them how they make 'em? (So not on the same page.....)

What big dreams my boy dreams............................I have written what he wants to be when he gets bigger about a million times on the computer in this spot but it just sounds offensive to any person in the service industry so I will refrain (having worked for many wonderful years as a server myself).  Oh and he told me the other day he had thought about being a airplane driver but he would have to go too far away and then how would I drive him to my house every day.  It would take too much time and he wanted to make sure that he could get a ride to see me every day :)  He wasn't sure that he could find the house by himself.

Again, I think it should be no problem for this boy to stay single as marriage is not in his plans as of right now.

He says cookers can't get married - it must have something to do with the chicken nuggets and how dirty they make a person...................

And, yes, I am beginning to recognize that I need to have some posts about my girls soon otherwise when they grow up they will find this little spot of their mother's and wonder what I was doing writing only about Nico for the last 2 or 3 weeks............

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