Saturday, March 3, 2012

Time For Bed

A day filled with face painting, mask making, cannon creating and sundae eating....................

A day filled with moments of laughter and joy and fun..........

A day that you wish could go on and on because it was the best of days............

But it can't.  Times passes, the sun goes down and bodies grow weary.

Parting words for the night?

Sofia beckons from the top bunk....Mom, don't start reading books without me tomorrow, ok?

Nico creeps out as daddy has a final chat with the girls.......(He hands me the cannon he made at Art Splash this morning, a cannon made from cardboard and duct tape) Mom, I want you to have this cannon, ok?  Here's the remote (as he passes me the imaginary remote :).  Now don't, DON'T, push the red button.  That's a bad button.  The green button will help you shoot guys, ok?  But don't push all three colored buttons together, that's BAD.  Do you have the remote still, Mom?  Ok, keep it with you.  Just point the cannon out the window.  Ok, I have to go now.  (I tell him what a good knight he is, thinking of his mother's protection as he goes to bed for the night)

Francesca jogs out after all have been tucked and kissed.......Mom, Mom where my water bottle?  Where my water bottle?  Here it is.  I got it, mom.  I got it.  (Little feet pitter patter back to bed and back to the living room again)  Mom, mom where my Dora book?  My little Dora book?  (I reply that I have no idea) Ok.  (She rummages through a basket of books in the living room.)  I got more book, Mom.  I got lot of book. (Pitter patter back to bed)

Good night my precious ones.  Sleep tight.  I love you.  Thank you for your last words of the day.....for prolonging the sweetness for a few extra moments.

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