Sunday, March 4, 2012

Sunday Dinner.......If Only It Were More Holy :)

It started with Fia telling us about Jack (this is her pretend dog that she has had to make up because we will never, ever have a dog because all we need around here is more poop..........).  Jack comes to bug her every night at dinner for food.  This is where she rolls her eyes and sighs big sighs because no one will ever accuse her of being understated.  Nico, OF COURSE, has to add in his own thoughts about HIS dogs.  This is accompanied by Nico playing the part of himself AND his dog.  The conversation is short and sweet.....

Dog Nico:  I am hungry.

Nico:  What you want?

Dog Nico:  I want to eat the window.  

This is followed by hysterical laughter because pretend dogs eating windows is apparently the absolute height of preschool humor.  

Then Nico begins to talk about his boring little brothers.  I would imagine this is, in part, an example of Nico's wonderful imagination and part commentary on his own little sibling - a bit subtle for my boy but stranger things have happened.  We learned some interesting things about his boring little brothers tonight............

Nico:  You know my boring little brothers?  They always have butt cake, every day.  It with butt.  (This spawns a while other train of thought, this mere mention of yogurt)  They also open the fridge and get out yogurt and put it in their BUTT.

I really must stop laughing hysterically when he says this stuff.  I apologize in advance for any of you that might have inappropriate encounters with Nico.  It's not his fault, really.  He spent all his formative years at home all day with a mother and two sisters that find him to be beyond cute :)

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