Thursday, October 20, 2011

Let The River Flow

I have hit a new low.

I didn't think it was possible.

But I did.

Outside Acme grocery store.

The only saving grace was that it was raining and I had a sweater coat on. I went to pick up Fia because it was raining and she had new shoes on and a girl shouldn't have to get brand new, bejeweled, light up shoes wet on their first day out. I picked her up (and in my defense she was carrying a rather large bottle of laundry detergent which seemed to freakishly add SO MUCH MORE weight to her) and the moment all the weight was resting in my arms it happened. The pee started to was completely out of my control. I could not stop laughing, I mean really praise the lord it was raining. I was just so amazed that by picking something up that was rather heavy I lost all control of my bladder. And let's be honest, the out of control, loud laughter didn't help much in the way of stopping the flow.

Perhaps the most disturbing thing was that this was the first day out for the jeans I was wearing. I usually can get a good five days out of jeans before I have to wash them. This meant more how frustrating is that?

Just in case you are thinking my, how.......hmmmm...........odd? embarrassing? horrible? is this of Mandy to SHARE OVER THE INTERNET. Last week I texted my friend something about my rear and underwear and such. It was suppose to be one of those throw away funny, nothing to it texts that I sometimes send.

It went to her husband.

He's one of the pastors of our church.

He got a text about my butt.

I think I'm past the point of being embarrassed about a little pee outside Acme.


Jani Hershberger said...

kegels. enough said. :)

You Can Call Me Jane said...

Bless your sweet heart! I can just imagine- all you could do was laugh:-). Thanks for sharing your link. I'm so glad I popped over!