Wednesday, October 12, 2011

Weak Girl Dinosaurs

One of the best things about my girl going to school is getting to know my rough and tumble boy a bit better. He has sworn off all others in an effort to fully capture his mama's attention. No longer does he wish to go down to Aunt Susie and Uncle Bill's house in the afternoon because, in his words, "I like home the best." Well, buddy, I am with you on that one.......

This afternoon (after that sweet child woke his slumbering mama, yes I do occasionally nap in the afternoon. Not quite as often as I once did and yes, I sorely miss my almost daily afternoon naps) we dug into the books I had gotten that morning at the library. First up was a DK reader Star Wars book. Star Wars has become a favorite thing at our house with Nico after he saw his Uncle Mario playing a star wars video game. Uncle Mario is also a favorite because while he plays his video games he gives Nico a controller that isn't hooked up to the gaming system and lets him go to town. Nico has no clue he isn't really playing and Uncle Mario gets to do what he loves to do while still hanging out with his nephew. By the way, Uncle Mario is 11. Nico has never seen the movies but he knows Uncle Mario loves Star Wars and there are lightsabers and fights and what not so that's enough for him.

Anyway........dinosaurs. After the Star Wars book we move on to his next favorite subject.....dinosaurs. He loves the triceratops the most. For awhile he would go around the house pretending to be a triceratops and head butt different pieces of furniture........repeatedly. I was starting to worry about permanent damage but it appears he has gotten over that game and is on to loftier pursuits such as making his little sister be the triceratops.

As we read Nico likes to share his knowledge with me. I love to listen to him and really could listen for hours. This is what I learned today.

Nico: Only boy dinosaurs are strong. They go out and fight the meat-eaters.

Me: Oh, what do the girl dinosaurs do? Aren't they strong?

Nico: No, no, no. The girl dinosaurs cheer for the boy dinosaurs. They aren't strong like the boys. They stand on a hill and cheer.

Me: Oh. So what if there are a bunch of girl dinosaurs standing alone and a T-Rex comes along.

Nico: Then they go underground for weeks and weeks and weeks. Then someone comes and digs them up and they go to a museum where all their bones are and they don't come back.

Me: Oh, so they just die underground. Are all the dinosaurs we see in the museum girls?

Nico: No, some are ones that were eaten by T-rex. And they can't come back.

I decided next time I go to the library I am going to get a book out on female body builders and really rock his world. I can't believe that my boy thinks girls are simply there for cheering on their men. His absolute certainty of his "rightness" cracked me up. Oh buddy, I'll cheer for you. Also I can't believe that my child thinks that in the face of danger females burrow underground and die. But now that I read that it's basically my only line of defense in the face of danger - I am basically a lie down and pretend I am dead or dying type of person. If a T-Rex approached I can't say I would do anything different from what Nico described. Maybe I should start lifting weights and not cheering him on so much...........

Oh and all that about not coming children are heavily influenced by the Easter story. They will say time and time again well, they're not coming back like Jesus. This seems to be a big thing for them, that Jesus came back from the dead - but not squirrels, not Frieda (Steve's mom - the next door neighbor), not dinosaurs, not anyone. So when ever anything dies or they see something dead someone inevitably says, "Yeah, and they're not coming back like Jesus."

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