Thursday, October 27, 2011


Yesterday one of the freakiest things happened to me. It really kind of messed with me. My sweet boy was in the bathroom yelling - nothing new - but his yelling had a tinge of hysteria to it and well, as a mom you know. You just know when it is different.

I run in and he's yelling at me to wipe his butt, he needs to get out, he needs to get out. He is shaking, he is petrified - eyes wide open and looking at something behind me. He yells they are coming to get me, they are coming, the monsters and he runs out of the bathroom. I chase him and follow him to the front room where our door is that we use as our main entrance. He is still screaming and yelling about monsters, they are looking at him, pointing at him and his eyes are wild and scared. I have no idea what is going on. It was so far beyond anything that I had faced before with my children. We have dealt with fear of the dark, monsters under beds, shadows, etc. But this was on an entirely different level, this stark terror he was showing me, it was as if my sweet boy was completely absent.

He starts pounding on the door and looking behind him, trying to get away from whatever it is he sees. He runs out the front door and starts running down the driveway screaming. I finally have to tackle him on our front lawn and hold him down. He tells me of monsters - monsters starting small and growing bigger and bigger until his eyes find them and then they float towards him, pointing at him. They are all colors. They are coming after him. He was wide awake, middle of the day, light outside yet completely surrounded in darkness. It was terrifying as a mother to witness such darkness.

That night it happened, on a lesser scale, two more times. I called three friends and asked for prayer over my son. I prayed for him. My husband prayed for him. I went into his room at night and said psalms over him as he slept. May our God who never sleeps, never slumbers protect my boy, surrounded him with His power, His strength, His protection. I find myself saying out loud - if you need to come after someone - come after me, come after me. Do NOT touch my son. Do NOT terrify my son. I spoke aloud in Jesus' name that whatever monsters Nico was seeing be gone from our house.

It sounds crazy. But I believe that Nico saw something last night, something real to him. To tell him that monsters don't exist and to tell them that it's nothing would deny the very real terror he felt. Unfortunately, bad and scary things do exist. And in not denying the existence of evil things we can proclaim the truth that GOD is bigger. GOD is stronger. GOD will fight for him, fight for my Nico. We were able to pray together this morning. We read some bible stories about very little people conquering big monsters, people, armies so huge that it doesn't make sense that one man or 300 people were able to defeat their enemies. But they did.

Today I rest in the fact, the truth that I have very real prayer warriors in my life that helped my boy slumber peacefully. I have God who is bigger and stronger than any monster that can be imagined. I have a little man who rests in the arms of a mighty, mighty God. Thanks for your prayers, friends.....................

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