Monday, January 14, 2013

The Joys of Having a First Grader........

Yesterday.............tragedy struck (PLEASE, PLEASE sense the sarcasm, people)..............

We had run out of bread.

Now if you have read at all on this here blog you know that I make a good amount of food.  Homemade bread is a staple.  I, honestly, cannot remember the last time I bought bread to eat (to feed ducks, yes.  I once took some of our homemade stuff and Joe had a fit......WHY ARE YOU FEEDING GOOD, HOMEMADE BREAD TO THE DUCKS!?!  Ummmmm, because?  It's there?  I don't have to go buy it?  Ummmm...........YOU DON'T FEED GOOD BREAD TO THE DUCKS.  Apparently, animals are not worthy of homemade goodness...........this should not come as a surprise to those of you who read yesterday's post...........animals are not to feed but to eat :)

So I promised the kids I would make bread sometime the next day.   (You would have thought that tomorrow was ONE THOUSAND YEARS away based on Nico's reaction......he was really hoping for French toast in the morning and if not french toast then regular toast because "we haven't had toast in like, well the whole year, mom".......or three days ago.)

A little while later Fia slips me a piece of paper............

"make bread tomorrow"
(everything spelled correctly, by herself.....yes, I am bragging.  But it always astounds me that she is a "big kid" now.......seems like yesterday she was in diapers and I was a mom to all "littles")

She says it's in case I forget and she doesn't want me to forget (as if I have EVER forgotten something after I said I would do it.................well, ok, I'll give her this's a 50/50 on things like this).

So this morning........after our 6 rounds of Candyland with Francesca and Nico (an approved 7:00 am activity because I get to sip coffee and not much is needed in terms of participation) Fia points to the fridge, eyebrows raised and clears her throat.  "Ummmm, mom?"

Yes, dear?

Vigorous finger pointing.

I look.

She stuck her note on the fridge.

"make bread tomorrow"

Ok.  On it.  Just give me a little bit more time to wake up.  Could this maybe wait til.......say 8:00am?

Later that morning?

I get a slip of paper with everyone's name on it and little numbers written next to the names.

"Nico - 40    Cesca - 9    Mommy - 69    Sofia - 45   Dad - 70"

What's this, Fia?

"We need you to sew us all Star Wars costumes for tonight."


I am not sure even where to begin on all the reasons why this won't be happening..........

I staple and tape, not sew.  One of the kids corn bags came apart the other day and I just stapled that thing right up.  Later that night I heard Joe asking the kids who did this?  He had to tell them NOT to put it in the microwave (TOTALLY didn't think about that.....) until he fixed it.   I think that stapling and taping is one step further than my own mother ever went.

I am not sure what those numbers are suppose to represent.  I SAW her use the tape measure and I even stood still for her to measure my height but how to translate those numbers into any type of costume, well that far surpasses any skills I might have.

I am 99.9% sure that Fia will come home tonight expecting some progress to be made on those costumes.......................

And, at least, there will be bread.

Because I DID remember to do that.................

Just as her note requested.

I should probably NOT encourage this note writing venture of hers.  The requests might get bigger.

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