Monday, August 15, 2011

Confessions of a Bad Mommy #10

1. I found poop on the living room floor the other morning (at least we have hard wood floors now). The night before Francesca had pooped, right before Joe put a new diaper on her. Obviously, we didn't notice ALL the poop and, yes apparently, some people's sh** really doesn't smell. Never noticed it.......until I practically stepped in it the next day.

2. I missed Sofia's safety city "graduation". I had NO CLUE this was going on.

3. Part 2 of missing said graduation was that I sent my poor mother with the two younger kids to pick up Fia. I was WAY TOO BUSY at my hair appointment. In my defense it was the first time in about 7 years that I had my hair cut in a place other than a quickie great clips kind of place or at a friend's house.

4. I took all the curtains off the windows in all the main living areas with the intention of replacing them with something. I give it about 5 years before anything new is put up. I run out of steam quickly when doing things to the house.

5. We now have WAY MORE pictures of Nico than anyone else on the walls. What can I say? The kid has a great smile and hams it up for the camera. I still feel bad about it though......

6. I had NO IDEA that you would ever clean an oven.....I mean, it's suppose to look like that right?

7. I am seriously considering letting Shawna come over and clean said oven. In fact, someone who has Shawna's e-mail please considering forwarding this post. She said it would take ONLY an hour. Seriously, if I have an hour of free time it sooooo isn't going to be used to clean the oven. I love you, Shawna, but really AN HOUR? I would so much rather bake some bread or read a book or even dust - ok, I lied on that last one....... (I am home most days of the week, come anytime).

8. Last night I put one of those pampered chef small loaf bread pans (baked 5 regular loaves of zucchini bread, 4 small loaves and a dozen muffins yesterday - I am not lazy, people, just particular with my time :) in the oven because the thought of cleaning it with one of those scrapper things was just too much for me at the moment. And I would be lying if it didn't occur to me that Shawna just might find it and by the very nature of her personality be forced to clean it.

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